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Increasing running distance


Read a very sound article today which I wanted to share:

Not sure how to share it as a link but hope u can read it. I feel not following a rigid 5-10k plan is working well for me because I have been able to settle at a distance that is comfortable while also pushing when I felt the time was right. I have gone from 5k on graduating from C25K 13 weeks ago to running a couple of 10k, no injury to date. I was a non runner 23 weeks ago! Listening to your own body is always a good way to make progress!

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Hi , I think that's really sound advice. I'm working up to 10k, and have only been running since July. I have managed 6.5k up to now, and don't want to rush but feel strong with what I'm doing. Happy running and Happy New Year x


There are many "theories" and many proponents of different theories. Some make sense to me while others don't. Jack Daniels ( very famous American trainer) poo-poos the 10% extra per week theory. He does so because he believes it is well known that our bodies "improve" by having a hard task presented to them which takes our body some time to acclimate to. So - as an example - we walk 10Klms for the first time - this is a hard task as we have never done it before - we manage to achieve it slowly - and continue to do that task - the body gets used to it and improves to the point where walking 10K is no longer felt as a hard task -- this takes some time . He proposes that, instead of a continual weekly 10% increase - that we challenge our bodies with a larger increase only every 4 weeks or so. He is not specific about the size of the increase - just something that is a little "daunting" and which is "hard"

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