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Holiday plans


I'm going on holiday on New Year's Day. 10 days of sunshine and relaxation in Egypt. This is a much needed break and I'm looking forward to it very much indeed! Here's my problem. I'm doing a My Asics Half Marathon plan because I'm hoping to run a race in May. This plan (which seems to be taking over my life by the way) tells me to do several runs while I'm away 7km to 10km. The hotel has a gym which I'm assuming will have a treadmill but I'm not that thrilled with the idea of doing much running on that. Running outside might be an option but I'm not 100% sure that I will want to be out and about too much on my own. So, what if I do a bit of exercise bike/rowing machine type stuff instead? Will that be enough to keep me going on my path towards a Half Marathon?

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Hmmm I've got a similar problem later in the month - I'm going to Phuket for 2 weeks and the temperature will be 33 degrees! A wee bit warmer than the 0 degrees that I ran in this morning!! I'm still only doing 5k 2-3 times a week but have already decided not to run when I'm on holiday. Instead I'm going to get out super early and swim a mile or so each morning - maybe not at first as it's been a while since I swam that far but certainly a few lengths every morning to kick start the day!

However, I might take my trainers anyway and try running on the treadmill in the gym - although I've never done it before - will see how much space I have in my case then decide on taking my trainers lol!!

Enjoy Egypt :-)


Do as much as you can, you might surprise yourself! If not, it's only 10 days, you can catch up. Have a lovley break xx


How exciting, have an amazing holiday... And the gym stuff will definitely help and I would ask your holiday rep when you get there what they suggest about running outside, you may find its fine....

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