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Insomnia 0 Me 1

Thanks to my daughter waking up at 01:45 and me not being able to get back to sleep, I was up and working at 03:30. I was planning on doing my usual Tuesday morning run at around 07:30 so I was in two minds whether to go back to bed once my wife left for work or just go out anyway. I'm glad I did go out. I ran to Stepping Stone and I nearly had my first "catch and overtake another runner" moment. Didn't happen though as she took a different route to me (I was too far back to have caused her to change her route). I often see other runners passing me in the opposite direction but rarely are they going the same way as me.... strange.

Anyway, completed a 5k just 5 seconds shy of my PB and my final km was by far the quickest, thanks to the increased BPM. Good to know there's a bit left in the tank though.

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Well done! Hopefully you can snatch some kip. Eat a healthy breakfast to make sure you top up your energy levels ☺


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