Free gym membership!

Managed to outfox the weather again today. Forecast said "raining all day" so when I saw it was dry, went straight out this morning. A blustery breeze but not a raindrop in sight, love it when that happens! Out and about running in the fields, the woods and mud - what a way to start the day - how much did it cost me - nothing at all, free air, scenery, free App on my phone that told me when I had done enough 😍

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  • I know, great innit! Run freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • I love that feeling of getting one over the big gym companies!

  • Good stuff!

    I'm sure a run out in the open air is better for you that being stuck in a sweaty gym full or panting bodies too!


  • Perfect!

  • Perfect!

  • perfect, the best type of membership and an even better workout :)

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