Falling in the dark alley!

Falling in the dark alley!

Went out for a night run yesterday, my best one for a long time with no walk breaks! Had a lie down though because as I ran through a dark alley, I did not notice the uneven ground and stumbled and fell flat on my front, arms outstretched! Jumped up quickly though and carried on (just like Mo) and managed to cover 6k in all. Only noticed my knee was stinging when I got home and my husband did some first aid! Need to pick my feet up more to avoid trips!

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  • Ouch! You were just following Mo weren't you? The things we put our bodies through for running! Hope it doesn't feel too stingy today Joolie.

  • Thank you, funny that Mo did the same on the day! I am fine thanks

  • Ouchie..... horrid scrapes... x

    Gosh, aren't we tough runners though.. we juts pick ourselves up and get right out there again... go you :)

  • Ouch ! That looks like its going to sting - Aaargh !

    You got up and carried on Joolie, that's Olympic Standard is that ! :-) xxx

  • That's a nasty looking graze. Hope it's not too painful tomorrow.

  • Watch out for surface tree roots as well, friend of mine tripped over one at night and hit her face just to the side of the mouth, be careful out there! A bit of cream and air to it and it'll soon scab over..

  • Oooo ouchy. You must be made of stern stuff to have keep going Julie! Hope it heals quick.

  • Ouch - hope that is not as sore as it looks.

  • Ouch! Hope it heals over soon!

    (Lying down on the job though - tsk! :D )

  • Just a 10 second lie down and I sprang up like a coiled spring!

  • Good lass! These things happen but mostly, and thankfully, we just get grazes and bruises on our runs.

    I got some nasty snags on my new Lidl vest today! I was gutted. Ruddy brambles!

    I am an Epsom Salts fan. All the nasty nicks and insect bites, blisters etc are all helped with it in a hot bath post run. Plus the usual relief to aching muscles etc.

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