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Foot injury update 2

Sorry if I'm telling you things that aren't of particular interest, but I said I'd keep you up to date with the recovery of my achilles injury.

I had a follow-up appointment with the osteopath today. The foot's certainly feeling better, but by no means healed. I think it would still be too painful to run on right now, and almost certain to cause more damage if I tried. The osteo gave my calf and tendon a *very* thorough massage (ouch!) and another bit of acupuncture. Although the massage was VERY uncomfortable at times, though in a masochistic good way, afterwards it feel amazing - almost glowing. Must be the blood flow that it caused.

He told me to give it two or three days for the treatment to take effect, then start with some short gentle sessions of running. That's got me more comfortable about being ready for the QE Olympic Park 10K on 13th December, though the training schedule has gone to pot! I've got another appointment the day after to see how it is, and perhaps get a leg masssage post-race.

Also, I've got my induction in the activity room at the sports centre the running club is based at this afternoon. My first time in a gym with training equipment!

Speak to you later, folks. Enjoy your running. You only appreciate just how good it is to run when you can't!!!

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Morning Steve. I did answer your post, but I think it's over on the other side.

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Ouch! Take it easy! :-(


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