10km event ✔️

10km event ✔️

I managed it, got up and felt fine this morning so off I went. The weather was nicer than they had forecast. Got there with an hour to spare which was good as at that time there are no long queues for the loos. Dropped my bag of and got ready. We had a min silence 5min before the event for Paris which I though was a nice touch and then we were off.

I had decided that I wasn't going for any personal bests or anything before i started but that changed around 6km when I realised if I carried on the way I was going I could get my first ever sub 1:20 10km, a goal I had given myself 5 years to get to. I threw out the methodical 1/1 min run plan and walked and ran when I wanted, I have found this works better for me as I end up having a better pace. I have been playing around with this for a couple of weeks and found It suits me.

At 8km I could really feel it in my legs but I could also see by my time I could do it. So for the last 1km I pushed it a little harder. Giving me the end time of 1:19:24. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine I could do a sub 1:20 - 10km. I look like the Cheshire Cat right now. I had knocked 10 min of my training 10km time.

I've got a hot cuppa tea and going to relax now but all in all a great day.

The picture is not the most flattering but it's as I crossed the finish line after my final push.

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  • Fantastic !!! Absolutely brilliant !

    Many Congratulations to you on completing and a new PB too , doesnt get much better than that !

    That is a lovely photo, the colours really suit you , youre looking great ! :-)

    Well done and have a great week ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you. Hope your recovery from today goes well. You looked quite relaxed In Your photo after the event. X.

  • Thank you and you too ! :-) xxx

  • I think you look fab, relaxed and most importantly you look like your enjoying it. I love how co-ordinated you are with Pink lipstick to match your outfit!! FABULOUS

    Many congratulations, its great when it just clicks and it was good you managed to push yourself to reach your goal. Its lovely when it happens when you reach a goal, but by surprise and unplanned is even better!!

    Enjoy your tea and maybe a treat yourself to a little biscuit or side of cake.

    Happy Sunday Recovery!

  • Thank you. Hehe even the lady with goodie bags commented on my Lippy. It's a confidence thing, I've had a lovely almond croissant, which was devoured. 😀.

  • That is brilliant. There is nothing like a personal best-just as good at least as coming in first I imagine (and obviously I can only imagine), And you have enough energy this afternoon to write your report. Wow. Can't match that I'm afraid.

    I love your leggings btw. I am now tempted to follow suit. No point in being shrinking violets in this running game! Well done again!

  • Thank you. I'll be honest I just fell asleep for 1/2 hour, 😀. I do bounts and I got my leggings for sports direct with my 1st £10. Voucher I earned from exercise, they have some sugar skull ones I have my eye on for my next voucher I earn. Hope your recovery goes well.

  • What do you mean. .. not the most flattering photo? You look fantastic ( and certainly not like you've just pushed yourself to a stonking pb). Really well done :) :) :)

  • Thank you. I was red faced for quite a bit of today.😀.

  • Congratulations - you look as if you are really enjoying yourself.

  • Thank you. I really like doing events.

  • Congratulations RFC, that's so brilliant 😀😀😀 and don't you look lovely, all colour coordinated and with such a happy smile -what a beautiful photo.

    Isn't it amazing what we can achieve when we give ourselves permission to try.


  • Thank you. I used to be know as the girl who only ever wore black it's great to break out the colour.

  • The photo is fab rfc - you look so happy! Fantastic that you got a pb too- well done!

  • Thank you. I love doing events I just love the atmosphere.

  • That's fantastic Rfc! You look happy as can be and a brilliant time and PB!

  • Thank you, I'm a bit of a Cheshire cat when I do events.

  • Brilliant result. Loving the capris. You look fantastic. Well done.

  • Thank you, capris are sports direct for £14.00 or £9.00 some days if your lucky.

  • Well done RFC. Looks like you're cruising there ☺

    Congratulations on knocking the spots off your previous time!

  • Thank you. I think I'm back from the IC now. I bet your getting yourself back to cruising speed to now.

  • Woohoo! Well done! :) :) :)

  • Thank you.

  • thats a great photo RFC! :) can't beat a finish line smile! congratulations on your new PB! :)

  • Thank you. Love your photos today as well, well done.

  • Way to knock out out of the park. Well done RFC. And what a lovely photo. I love crazy tights!

  • Thank you. There fun aren't they, got have a bit of colour sometimes.

  • It's a lovely picture - all smiles! Nice leggings too! :-)

  • Thank you. I love events I just smile all the way round, there is just something about them.

  • Absolutely fabulous! You look delighted and rightly so! XX

  • Thank you. I never would of thought I could. Speed training must be working.

  • Congrats! Well done! Fab picture :-)

  • Thank you very much

  • What a superb result!

    10 mins off a 10k is a staggering improvement - you deserve to be grinning!

    And the photo's lovely - you look really happy to be there, which after all is the point of the whole thing!

    Great stuff!


  • Thank you. I am a happy runner at events I just love them. who would of thought it years ago, certainly not me.

  • LOVE the pic :) Well done you! x

  • Thank you.

  • Fantastic news on the PB RFC, so well done. That's a huge reduction on your training. No wonder you look so happy in that photo! And I just love those leggings!

  • Thank you. The leggings are USA pro.

  • Thank you. I do like loud leggings. Hehe.

  • Fab stuff, RFC, 10 minutes off your training time is ruddy marvellous! And that is a great finish line picture.

    I am loving the leggings; how come I can only find boring old plain black ones ... I really must try harder :-)

  • Thank you. The leggings are USA pro from sports direct.com. I get them with my Bounts points I get from my exercise. I've nearly got enough to get some sugar skull ones.

  • fantastic...and thats such a fabulous picture, you look so happy and accomplished... I love the colours... well done you :)

  • Thank you.

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