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Heart rates - non-stop running versus run/walk

I have done two runs over the past few days - both at the same pace of 8 mins per Klm. The first was 10Klms done using run/walk 30/30 and second was non-stop 5Klms parkrun. It is interesting for me to note that my average heart rate for the longer 10K using run/walk was only 117BPM -- BUT the 5K non-stop parkrun done at the same pace as the 10k was at an average HR of 134.

My understanding is when doing a steady state run, HR should increase to a certain level - and then level out. It can and does rise above the level with increased distance . However, my HR seems to constantly rise to maximum regardless of what pace I do????

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My heart rates start a lot higher than yours but if I constantly run it raises at the moment, the only time I can stop it raising is by slowing down and changing my running pace. So effectively I get slower the longer I run. But I think it's a transitional thing and as my body adjusts so will my heart rate. I use the speed runs for pushing my heart rate up and the long runs run/walk at the more comfortable lower heart rate, I am just starting at the steady heart rate training now but I have to acknowledge a slower run to do so and I'm having trouble adjusting to that even though I know long term I will benefit.


It is natural for HR to increase over the duration of a run. That is commonly understood. You can see it happening very clearly on a treadmill - by setting the machine to set it's speed according to a preprogrammed HR number. I seem to be able to maintain a constant HR on a treadmill - but when running outside, it just seems to continually rise and rise. For me it is much more difficult to determine my levels of effort as I run.


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