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I've been sucked in!!!

At parkrun last Saturday , it was HOT!!! . However, I felt good and had largely gotten over my post HM "blehs" and felt like a good run. I started out with a fellow runner in my age group ( but he is faster than me) - and crashed and burned at the 4Klm mark. I walked for a while , recovered and finished fairly strongly. But , when I got home, I looked at a trace of my heart rate during the 4K's and it became obvious to me why I had crashed. I had run the first 4K of parkrun at over 92% of my max HR.

Now - that was ridiculous and is not what I want to do or what I started out to do when I first started to run. My pace over that 4K was actually over a minute slower than my parkrun PB and dropped lower over each one klm , in spite of my HR remaining the same.

I am not really one of those people who are keen to improve pace times- and have publicly stated that here many times. But - somehow I have been sucked in by this prevailing ethos at parkrun. Yesterday, I had a good hard run - I used my HRM to run some 400 metre fartleks - ran until my HR reached around 90% and then slowly jogged until it came back to an easy 70% . Did this a few times and felt quite pleased with the workout . I have no idea what pace I did - and am not interested!!! This is what I am going to do from now on -- use my HRM to control my running and enjoy the fitness that this brings me (which is really the reason why I run)

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I notice at my Parkrun that it seems to be a competitive sprint rather than a fun run.

I suppose it's bound to happen between the younger guys finishing first in around 18 minutes. Best to just leave them to it.

I just enjoy doing it and getting round, and hopefully as I get stronger my time will improve, but I'm not in a hurry.

I've just ordered a hrm to hook up with my Garmin, as am interested to know whether I'm taking it too easy, as I don't think Im over taxing myself and thinking its just mind gremlins, so can maybe up the effort 😉


Wouldn't have thought they'd be too bothered, finishing in under 20 mins!


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