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Glad I made the effort this morning

Woke up at about 5am with a headache (not alcohol induced I might add). Took some pills and tried to get back to sleep. I must have drifted off because the alarm woke me at 7am. I really didn't fancy a run but dragged myself out because I thought it might clear my head. I'm pleased I did. I was a bit misty but the fresh air did me the world of good and after a couple of kms my head felt much clearer. A slow plod around the park to take in the last of the autumn leaves and back home for a nice shower. If I hadn't made the effort I think the headache may well have lingered for most of the day but now I feel ready for the weekend. Happy running to everyone!

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Sounds great. You're so right than a run can clear a lingering headache. I've found the same with a blocked nose. Keep running 😊


Perfect, well done for making the effort too, and it's always worth it isn't it?!!


A run cures all sorts of ails. Good for you for doing it.


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