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The 8k run last night ended up at 5.5k .. legs were complaining from the off ... definitely wasn't 100% into it ... no gas in the tank ... could probably come up with a few more excuses but reality I let the gremlins have that one ...

Since the return from injury have noticed the voices starting to get louder on some runs, that confidence of last year is somewhat stifled

Cautious is 1 thing ,giving in is another !!

It may take me longer to get to 10k but I WILL get there :D


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  • Hmm, don't suffer with gremlins myself as I don't believe in them. I'm all for being cautious (these days) but you have to do the training to get where you want to be. As long as you do then you'll get there. Don't put off too many runs as they'll start to back up and you could lose momentum.

    I'm working for a 10k in December but can't do the required mileage because of injury, but I'm doing what I can to keep ticking over fitness wise. We all have some mitigating circs at times but it's how we overcome them that defines us

    Go Rob!!!!!

  • Thanks missw :) will have a good talk with myself :D

  • It happens!!! I had a few occasions over the past few months while training basically for a HM - where it just didn't work for me. And these occasions were not difficult days - they were relatively easy days but I just didn't have it in me!! :) Just accept that you are probably tired and build a bit of slack into your training programme.

  • Thanks Bazza ,my training is more fluid as I am trying to be more " careful"

  • I love your determination Rob and that will get you where you want to be. A day's rest and then I bet you'll be good to go next time out.

  • Thanks IP :) tomorrow am is my next run :)

  • Did you get out today Rob?

  • I did thanks IP a slow 5k .. definitely something isn't right , will try parkrun Saturday see how that goes ,might need a week off

  • Nothing wrong with a week off Rob. I do that from time to time and the rest really reaps benefits. Just remember why you started running in the first place and think how far you've come. I hope you start feeling the love again soon.

  • Thanks again IP :)

  • Oh not-so-slow-rob, i think an injury can really sap ourconfidence. I think I've said to you before that I worry more about the knee that was injured over a year ago than I do about the ankle I broke in February. I'll risk running through ankle pain but stop immediately if I get a knee twinge.

    I'm right behind you in the 10k build up but am being very cautious, pathetically so really. We will get there but perhaps not quickly xx

  • Thanks AM :) it is a strange old thing once the mind starts working overtime. Right with you on getting there AM xx

  • Well... you say it was gremlins, but you've been running long enough now that you know when something really isn't right, so I think you made the right call, actually. As MissW says, it wouldn't do to do this every time :) but you won't, you're focused on getting back up to 10k, but basically, you don't want to injure yourself again. Your next run will be fine!

  • Thanks Annie, gawd knows what is going on at the moment with my running , def not feeling the love , Think the head needs to get itself back in the right place :)

  • You can take some positive steps to set yourself up for a good run though.

  • thanks missw :) will try

  • I so get that, my gremlins were so full on for a long time after My marathon and it's taken me a while to get my confidence back. Just build your confidance doing shorter runs and work on the gremlins before attempting longer ones.... Sounds like you are doing really well...

  • thank you juicy :) I really appreciate your thoughts and advise , that makes sense , trying not to put any pressure on myself regarding distances or time spans

  • I'm only replying with what worked for me... No pressure, focus on enjoyment and no messing with stats... That sorted it for me and I'm only just starting to build up the miles again....

  • Aw Rob , big hugs ((( ))). I second Princess , take a bit of time off , good eats , some decent sleep , just to re charge your batteries .

    Don't put any pressure on yourself , you have done brilliantly in coming back from your injury . Be kind to yourself and take care xxx

  • Thanks Poppy :) I will be taking IP and your advise :) guess I just needed to be told it is ok to do that :D

    Hope all is going well with you :D xxxx

  • Morning Rob, don't worry , we wont be coming round and rattling on your letterbox ( not yet anyway :-) )

    I have got a niggle down my left leg, I am having a bit off time off too just to rest it . I have got a 10k coming up in 3 weeks so I want to be fighting fit for that ! xxx

  • Morning poppy :) haha you would be more than welcome .. good excuse to have choccie bickies :D

    Aw sorry to hear that poppy, you have been doing great lately but wise to rest now :D fingers crossed for you and that 10K :D xxx

  • Ha ha , right that's it , Im on mi' way ! :-D xxx

  • I'll put the kettle on :D xx

  • How nice to see some fellow graduates. Slow and steady Rob as you have often given that advice to me so here it is right back at ya! Im doing the building up part to run 10k just to improve my 5k time. We are all in it together that's for sure!

  • Thanks Mat :) much appreciated

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