Into the wild

Into the wild

I think there is no pleasure greater than going wild on a trail run. I have been getting into these again since being on the IC and its just fabulous...don't get me wrong its fu***ing hard work, but the feeling of freedom being surrounded by the wilderness is incredible.

I think feeling powerful, strong and in control makes me feel so much closure to the elements and being part of nature. Does anyone else 'get' this? Or am I a nutter??

On my 10k run on Saturday I managed to not walk at all on the full 2 miles up the first mountain which I am so happy about. I have to say I put that down to my time at running prison ( the gym). I have been going about 4 times a week and doing an hour of full on sweaty stuff ( not the treadmill god forbid) and I am honestly dripping when I leave, so I do recommend it.

I so want my body as powerful and strong as it is possible in order to go on new adventures without failing me.

Have fun and be excited about all the new adventures that lie ahead of you... and of course happy panthering

Pic is the 10k run showing the mountains ;)



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  • You are a nutter, but it does make sense :)

    That's some serious work there - well done!

  • Thanks Steve :)

  • Don't completely forego the treadmill. I ma no expert on them - but the limited time I have spent on them , I have found that they have some advantages ( especially in regard to heart rate training ) I think that they can also be very good in practicing better running form.

    As I read somewhere - we run because we can, not because we know how to!! :)

  • I love trail runs! Not done any extreme stuff but happy out on there off the roads and away from the traffic's roar. Time passes by so quickly!

  • Its the best isnt it, all surrounded in natures bounty :)

  • Is that right? I just feel I am on a road to nowhere :(

  • I love trail runs too !

    Really makes you feel alive , free and just happy in your skin ! :-) xxx

  • They so do, and the best is no one is watching as I hate running past traffic etc...

  • I would love to do trail runs, but I worry so much about going over on my ankles as I'm not good at uneven surfaces at the best of times. I am now working towards my strength as well, I am hoping to get a better time with more muscle to push me forward. Happy panthering.

  • I think you would enjoy them. It is best to go slow and tread carefully and i find myself watching the ground alot as there are lots of rocks/ stones etc....

  • I am so much like you RFC! Would love to run off road but even just hillwalking I can be so clumsy, a real danger to myself πŸ˜† am lucky though as all the roads I run on are in the middle of nature. Happy running!

  • Thankyou...!! nutty is good?? :)

  • Love my trail runs and stop to marvel at nature. It's a lot harder running at the moment with fallen leaves hiding tree stumps and roots especially in the dark. Can't say you are a nutter as it takes one to know one ;-). My heart rate graphs sync perfectly with the hills.

    Glad you are enjoying it

  • It is isnt it...yesturday it was soooo muddy, but I love splashing in the puddles as it cools me down!!

  • I tell you what, that is truly amazing running that elevation. It's not for the faint hearted....amazing!!!!

    I love it running prison!! I might steal that one for the summer months when i am trapped in an air conditioned building.

    Its great being outdoors, i couldn't agree more!!

  • Thankyou!!!

  • Wow, that is some trail run! I salute you! As a recent graduate who finds herself running off the beaten track more and more, there is something very special about being away from 'everything' and just enjoying being!

    Thanks for continuing to post on c25k too - because the stories and adventures of long time(!) graduates are so inspiring for people like me. I still feel more at home on that forum at the moment while I work on consolidating my 5ks, but would miss it if all those running longer distances disappeared completely!πŸ˜₯

  • Thankyou I'm so glad you feel that :) trails are just the best and it feels so good to be wild :)

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