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Getting Mom treated for breast cancer

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Today doctor took a piece of lump from my mother's breast and did biopsy. He confirmed it's cancer. I trust him but there was no sign in previous reports. He said mastectomy is required. So, we proceeded with it. Now what will be our next steps. Doctor will brief us later.He is also sending the breast for biopsy. Can there be a possibility that it isn't cancer..? We did excision surgery in Gangaram. Which hospital will you suggest for next steps in the treatment.

Indeed a very traumatic day. May all the people fighting cancer get more strength and wisdom

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We understand your apprehension. Just one point we wish you to note here, like I mentioned earlier, there are many good hospitals for cancer in Delhi, just talk to Oncologist and go ahead. Endorsing any one hospital or drug or company is STRICTLY against rule of forum, so henceforth please don’t ask about which hospital to go. And you should not take that decision anyways on basis of what someone tells you on the net. It’s a big decision. Take time to speak to the Oncologist. If satisfied, go ahead. If not, check another one or take a second opinion.

While selecting an Oncologist, it’s extremely essential that he sits with you and family and makes you all understand what is happening. The communication has to be there. Please ensure that. We find lots of patients who come and ask absolutely basic questions here, which tell us there is a huge gap between oncologist and the patient. This implies that patients have gone just because of name and are completely lost. That should not happen.

As for your question, next step is they will see the final histopathology report and decide what further treatment is needed (or not needed).

If I answer one of your question, you will have another five to ask immediately. And it’s extremely difficult to write long replies. Sometimes takes 15 minutes. When I counsel my patients, it takes half an hour of almost non stop talking and I am sure you understand it’s next to impossible to write. So, as a respect to the time the doctors here on this forum give you, my request is, please sit with your Oncologist and ask all your doubts there first. He should be your first point of contact, as he knows your mother well, her general condition, her reports, and so many other things, which are important in decision making; which none of us on this forum would know. Then, if some doubts still persist, we are here to guide you. Also, we cannot comment on any treatment related decision without seeing patient and details, so we won’t be able to guide you on what next. That, only your Oncologist will do.

Your mother will be absolutely fine soon, don’t worry at all. All localized cancers do very well.

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Akaya in reply to sumeet_shah

Thank you. I understand. All my questions were a result of an outburst after the news. I had one concerns about the report of frozen piece. I appreciate your help.

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MsLockYourPostsTeamBCI in reply to Akaya

Amaya - Many of us have been where your mother and you are now. The time between hearing cancer and getting the final pathology reports and setting up treatment seems like an eternity. I look back 10 years later and really have to think hard to remember those feelings.

Find a doctor you and your mother are comfortable with. If you aren’t comfortable, move on to a doctor you trust. That was the most important thing I did back when I was diagnosed.

Health Unlocked has been doing strange things with avatar pictures, so I don’t know whether you are male or female. If you look at the pinned posts (at the bottom or the side depending on your computer) you will find lots of tips for helping your mother through her next stages. One thing I did was to go to a wig shop with a girlfriend when I knew that I might lose my hair. We had a lot of fun, and some laughs, with both of us trying on all of the different styles and colors imaginable. When we left, I knew exactly which wig I would want, and that if my hair started thinning I would just pick up the wig and cut off my own hair. It had to do with me being in control of the cancer, not the cancer controlling me.

My sister in law, who dealt with breast cancer before me, warned me to forget about the real hair wigs. She spent a lot of money on one and never used it because it was so much trouble to take care of. Your mother might prefer hats, or scarves and head wraps. lookgoodfeelbetter has a lot of good information about makeup, hair, and other issues related to appearance. I found that clicking on all of the links on a particular page gave more and more information.

Keep us updated. Your mother is welcome to ask her own questions here also. For some things you really need a doctor, but for others you need another woman, or man, who had dealt with the same personal and more private questions.

Thank you Soo much for your guidance. I am my mother's daughter and I have started looking for wigs. In my recent posts you'll find that. Thanks again.

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MsLockYourPostsTeamBCI in reply to Akaya

Go out with your mother and make your wig search a fun day for both of you before your mother needs one. Both of you try on different styles and colors. I think I may try that the next time I think I want to change my hair style. The ones I didn't like I could just take off, instead of having to let my hair grow out. My friend and I tried everything from the practical to the absurd, and had a lot of fun, even though the idea of needing a wig was not something I wanted to face.

Thank you for your reply. I have started searching wigs both online and off-line.

My suggestion would be to make sure that you get the reports and mother examined by an oncologist (if current surgeon is not oncology specialist). It’s a common practice to have a chemo or radiation session after such surgery to prevent from recurrence. Oncology surgeon or oncology medicine specialist would be the best person to recommend next best step.

Wishing your mother a speedy recovery and hoping that she gets the best treatment.

Disclaimer: I don’t work in oncology domain and my mother went through similar phase in the past.

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Akaya in reply to Vj1212

Thank you so much for your guidance and wishes. And yes, we have visited two oncologists. We will now finalize the best one for us and start chemo.

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