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Breast cancer for my mom

My mom(age 49) is having breast cancer.She undergone a surgery and left breast removed.The stage is T2 N3 M0.Her pathology report shows 29 lymph nodes removed and 14 are positive.Estrogen receptor(intensity 3+, score 8/8),progesterone receptor(intensity:3+,score 7/8).HER 2 NEU :positive(3+ immunostaining).The doctor said 8 sittings of chemo.From forth sitting they are going to add herceptin with chemo.I want to know whethere it is ok to take herceptin with chemo?Her survival rate with herceptin and without herceptin? Herceptin price?any body please advice...

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1. Yes, it's OK to give Herceptin with chemo. Most oncologists will prefer not to give Epirubicin and Herceptin together, as the load on heart will be too much. Hence your Oncologist may have decided to give it after 4 chemos.

2. T2N3 comes in Stage IIIC. I do not have links to show the difference in survival, but I can tell you, adding Herceptin does make a difference, so if you can afford it, you must give it. It will be helpful. At the same time, if you feel, your budget is going haywire due to Herceptin, then don't bother much, but give a proper chemo.

3. There may be schemes where you get some Herceptin free for some amount you buy. Ask your Oncologist to guide you on that.


Hi Doctor,

A small query .My mom mamography report dated on 18 oct having lump in left breast and small cyst in right breast.on 25th oct she undergone surgery for left breast removal.Now she under chemo theraphy(2cycles completed).Now my mom is saying that her right breast color of Nipple is changed a bit.When they are doing surgery they said right breast having no problem.I want to know whethere cyst can turn to be tumor?Please advice ..


chandraa, cysts do not become cancerous, so do not worry. the change of colour of nipple may just be due to some non specific cause, which can be safely ignored.

Also, I wish to inform you, that soon, maybe in two or three months, Biocon and Mylan will be coming out with a cheaper Herceptin (Trastuzumab), which will be much more affordable than the present scenario. I will keep you informed.


Thanks for you reply.

Can we give Herceptin separately without chemo?If yes is there any difference in giving herceptin with chemo and with out chemo.Please advice


@Dr Sumeet.

Thanks for your reply.

My oncologist said they need 8 to 9 bottles of herceptin and cost is around 80k for bottle.I am from middle class background.If only chemo is given.How long stageiiic people can survive.please advice


I understand. I will get back to you tomorrow, with a few images, to answer questions


Thanks doctor.


Dr sumeet.When you have time please share the images which gives better understanding for me.




I am sorry for delayed reply. Last two days were too hectic.

I seem to have lost those prognosis images, can't find them. But I will guide you. I would suggest, when you get time in evening, between 4 to 5 PM, give me a ring, and I can listen to you and solve your doubts. See the foll page:



Thanks for reply.I will call you.


hi chandra

i have seen so many patients with grade III. Now they are ok.

For the cost of medicines i think there are so many organizations which can help u. U can take help of them also. praying for ur mom


Thanks.I am getting confidence after reading all these posts.


Hi chandraa - only some time is tough to go. Once the treatment is over every thing will be fine. Just keep confidence on doctor and pray to God. Any difficulty Dr is there to help all of us.


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