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PICC for chemotherapy

What will be picc cost for chemotherapy in mumbai? Is it good option?

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In one of the Cancer only hospital chain (a listed hospital) in Bangalore, it cost around 15-18k two and half years back, of which 5k was technician' fee. But had to go every week for cleaning, changing the protective film and flushing PICC, which cost time and additional charges for labor and material. Material included Biopatch 3150 ( 600/-) Statlock Kit ( 500/-), TegaDerm 8526 (132/- x 2), Total around 2k per week.


Initially, we were told that we can change the dressing and flush PICC our self but arranging for sterilized cotton and other material became difficult. Hospital had it as a kit for internal use, but they refused to give same to us even on a charge basis. Once we tried to avail their home nursing service, that turned out to be pathetic. PICC also limits the movement of your that hand. You are not supposed to lift your hand high, also avoid heavy work with that hand. You also need to protect the insertion area getting wet while bathing etc.


The second part of your question is tricky as we have experience of PICC only. Many hospitals do not use it until it becomes necessary. Probably you should look for length of treatment (in terms of admissions), and condition of veins. Chemo port is another option, costly, probably good for longer treatment.


Payal, very well explained, thank you.

Ankit, PORT is always a better option unless your Oncologist needs a PICC specifically. PICC is useful where there is regular and frequent need for blood testing. But if not needed, PORT is better.

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Thanks a lot.. my father is going to take 4 chemotherapy and doctor has suggested PICC.. in mumbai it says, it is around 17000


If doc has asked for PICC, go ahead with it. As for charges, since I don’t do PICC, don’t know much but I believe 17k is standard and reasonable.


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