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Including two more cycle in chemotherapy

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my mother's fifth chemotherapy was done yesterday and we are feeling relaxed at the time of discharge and thinking about our last cycle (after 20 days) but suddenly doctor said that we planned for eight cycles

it's shocking news for us, we depressed when he said that another two more cycles

(four FAC and Four Texol)

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we afraid that , after eight cycle he (doctor) may change / suggest another cycles

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I think doctors know better after going through the reports. My wife too had finished 8 cycles of chemotherapy, which was planned at first visit. Be strong as you get depressed that will be not good for the patient.

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Don't worry at all

Have faith in the medical team, they will do what's best for your mom

And she will come out of all this stronger than she ever was. I finished my treatment, when I look back I can tell you one thing I am not the same person , I have become stronger, more energetic,lively  and healthier, I am sure your mom will be same.

Good luck 

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I do not think that the doctors have changed it now, after 5th cycle. It is always 3 plus 3 or 4 plus 4; and the doses may vary. So, if they have gone ahead with 4 FAC, they will surely know that 4 taxols are coming in future. I personally believe, this is more of a communication gap. One of my patients had the same, my Medical Oncologist had informed him and had even given them in writing about 4 plus 4 (all Medical Oncologists give a chart on which the entire protocol till end is written and one can see there whats the plan). But because of panic situation, my patient had asked so many people and all talk about six chemo so in spite of the Medical Oncologist telling them of 8, they were lost and thinking it was six. During the third chemo, they had come to me for some symptoms, and were happy that only three more to go, when I told them, it's five more and also showed them the first page of the Medical Oncologist's file, where it was clearly written 4 plus 4.

And this is what usually happens. If you Medical Oncologist had planned 6, he would have given 3 plus 3. Or the other possibility is, your Medical Oncologist must have planned 6 FAC initially; after the 4th FAC, he may have made the pan to give taxols and started the same.

My suggestion, as usual (for everyone I write this, in almost each and every thread), is that you sit with your Medical Oncologist and ask him what exactly is the scene.

Even if there are 8 chemos, don't worry. All will be fine soon.

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Am done with my 8 chemos 4+4 & have lost all hair, eyebrows, lashes, nails turned black & brittle . To my surprise inspire of feeling weak I had good appetite & gained weight too. Now my partial breast surgery is on 22nd with lymph nodes to be removed. Am very scared about the surgery & after effects. Is partial breast surgery is normal & how  much it effect the shape? Is its recovery takes long  time ?

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sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to sapnab

By partial breast surgery, I believe, you mean a BCS (Breast Conserving Surgery). Recovery does not take long at all, if there is no added separate plastic surgery. You will be back on foot within no time!

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thanks Sumit sir, but I had reviewed all previous reports but there is not mentioned about any threat / protocol for 8 cycle, we ready and now. Prepared for this. But suddenly they informed it's shocking news for us, because each and every chemotherapy cycle was created many different types of body changes with more n more pain ........

I daily pray 🙏 to god for my mother's wellness....

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sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to ashuparashar1986

I can undertsand, I am with you. Your Oncologist should have informed you prior, no doubt. Anyways, you don't worry. Your mother will be all fine soon!

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Thanks for prompt reply Dr. Shah . Now Your reply has boosted my confidence. Will share my experience after surgery.

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sapnab in reply to sapnab

Am done with BCS & stitches are not opened yet. Overall experience was OK. Doctor has advised me to do exercise & 25 rounds of radiation.  At every step there's a fight without any surity. Doc. I would like to know what diet  & precautions to be taken... As I have gained lots of weight which is really bothering me. This forum is soo good that you can read & share experiences & above all  Doctor advice. My gratitude to the team.

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sapnab in reply to sapnab

To add to my above post I would like to get reply of one of my problemproblem that is swelling in  effected arm with dimples . As suggested by Dr mild massage is done but it's the same. Please guide

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good to go for circulating tumor cells chemosensitivity test...

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