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Breast Cancer


My mother has been diagonised with breast cancer 8 months ago. Her cancer stage is initial one. Her operation is done, lumpectomy is performed. All limb notes are negative. She has gone through with 6 chemos already. And today her PET Scan is going on. So I was wondering is Radiation required.

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Your mother's doctor will be in a better position to answer your question after he has seen the results of her PET Scan. Stage one, only lumpectomy needed, and no lymph node involvement is great, as is having chemo behind her.

I had a lumpectomy without chemo, but with radiation. My only problem with it was that it seemed like it would never end (28 rounds), then one day I was surprised to realize that I was scheduling my last appointment. I loved my radiologists, so stop in to say hello from time to time.

Let us know what they decide for your mother.


Thanks for replying. Will definitely respond you once gets Dr consultation and PET Scan.


Because of BCS , radiations are required .


For any breast conservation surgery, radiation is compulsory and is a must. Ask your Oncologist for details.


Thank you. Because of BCS , radioation will be required .


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