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About side effects and diet during Paclitaxel chemotherapy

My mother had mastectomy done. She has ER and PR negative HER2 (+++) breast cancer. She has already received 4 cycles of AC chemotherapy. Oncologist said she will need 4 more cycles of paclitaxel chemo then radio therapy followed by 17 cycles of herceptin. After 4 cycles of AC chemo she needed 2 bags of blood. I want to know the side effects of paclitaxel chemo. Which food she may easily take??? What are the common side effects? If anyone received paclitaxel chemo here please reply.

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Sorry for the delayed reply.

Except for raw foods, very spicy or very cold stuff, she can eat everything. Read the folloing post by pkenn, it will help you understand things better:


One of the commonest side effect is generalized body ache. You can give a good pain killer to her if that happens

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