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What are the side effects of radiation?

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Hi, i will be having my 8th and last chemo on 2nd of July.

What tests have to be performed before radiation?

Are there any side effects of radiation like stiffness or pain?

I am a little worried as nobody is there to help me out at home,i have to look after my school going daughter,cook food etc. ; Will i be able to do this during radiation?

Please guide, thanks in advance.

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Hi ran_sav - nothing to fear for radiation. There are normal tests before radiation - blood test, USG etc. Its not painful at all - its like a X ray machine - the radiation time is hardly few mts. Within 5 to 10 mts it is completed. The only thing is it becomes hectic to go daily as the patient is already tired with chemo and is under stress. The only thing there will be some slight burning sensation when the cycles come to an end. The area becomes blackish. But when the treatement completes everything will come to normal

You can do your routine very well. My sister during the whole radiation was going to office, infact we had to travel a long distance as LINAC machine was not in our area where we stay.

Hence don't take tension - everything will be OK - keep sharing

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ran_sav in reply to kontak

thank you kontak for your reply,it has put me at ease,i was really tensed,thanks a lot.

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Hi ran, Kontak said correctly..but i would like to share my experience so you can prepare yourself..during this treatment everybody will face different side effect as during the pregnancy every women has different kind of symptoms. Radiation is the toughest thing for my wife..in the beginning she was fine but as radiation sensation reach towards end..she was facing burning sensation, skin was peeling off..even sometime she was feeling something stuck in throat...everyone skin type is different..so side effect depends on that.

Ran keep in mind i am not demotivating..just sharing the truth.....so keep your spirit high...all will be fine...we can understand your pain..salute to your motherhood...and your courage...hope all will be fine soon..

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ran_sav in reply to manish_vkg

thanks manish for ur reply,of course you are not demotivating me but preparing me mentally for the side effects.hoping all things will be fine as i have undergone pain emotionally than physically.thanks.

Hello ran,nothing to worry about radiation,yes there is a burning sensation after some sittings,blackening of skin,itching etc but not worry i just applied pure coconut oil for all this.everything will come back to normal soon,so just take care you will be soon free from all treatments.

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ran_sav in reply to mintzz

yes mintzz ,i am waiting for the day when all the treatment gets over and the days when i get my hair back.as u said i will remember to apply pure coconut oil.thanks mintzz for ur reply.i am lucky to join this forum,as i know you people are there for the support which i need the most now.

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I guess, nothing much remains for me to say, as all above have already given you a gist. You can go through questions on radiation here. For sake of simplicity, I have classified the questions into categories, on the website of The Pink Initiative. Login into the forum, and then see those questions, as they are linked to forum:


I am sure you will find them helpful.

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ran_sav in reply to sumeet_shah

thank you sir.almost all the querys are solved in the questions,thanks for compiling at one place.

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Also, I am sure that doing the routine household work, as well as taking care of your little heart (your daughter) should not be a problem at all.

Sumeet sir, I read somewhere about breath hold during radiation in mastectomy treatment, could you explain what is it.

Hello ran, all the best for your radiotherapy.For me radiation was much easier than chemo. I used to go hospital by my own to take radiation, and found it was much easier. It does not cause as such any such side effects. You may feel dryness so take plenty of water. I got skin peel off and sometimes fever also but it can be well managed.


hello Ran_sav,

there are some side effects like



some problem in throat(as if something stuck)

lil burning sensation.


This shall too pass :)

May god bless you ...

Many people report fatigue as a side effect of radiation. I suspect that for many, and I'm one, it was mor of a mental thing than something physical. Dealing with daily treatments became very wearing for me, but then suddenly I was told that I was scheduling my final appointments. I was actually quite surprised, as the routine had just become a part of daily life.


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