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Radiotherapy side effects query

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My mother finished 8 cycles of chemo (4 AC + 4 Paclitaxel). From 18 march her radio therapy will start. She has ER/PR negative and HER2 (+++). What are the side effects of radiotherapy? How to tackle those side effects?

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Hello Zahid. There are no such side effects of radiation. Its easier than chemo. The patient may feel tiresome & on the end of the session may feel like some warm heat burns. Some feel like not much eating.

But all this will go through. Your Doctors will guide you at the time of starting radiation

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Zahid100 in reply to kontak

Thank you sir, I need another info. Are small children are allowed to go near to radio therapy receiving patients? As I heard that radio therapy patients are kept away from normal patients to a separate room. Is this true?

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kontakTeamBCI in reply to Zahid100

Don't take them at the time of giving radiation. Otherwise no problem of children to be with patients

Thanks a lot sir.... I was very afraid about this thing...

Some patients feel tired. Naps should help. I think my biggest issue was the emotional side of 28 days of treatment. I just wanted everything to be done. I had no problem with eating. In fact I took myself out to breakfast every day after treatment - my reward for making it through another day.

Be sure your mother asks about moisturizers for the treated area. My radiologist gave me two to use. I also used a good oil based skin cream called Udder Cream ( like a cow's Udder - developed many, many years ago for dairy farmers). It probably isn't available there, but I'm sure your mother's doctor will be able to recommend good skin care products.

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You need a consultation with Radiation Oncologist to explain all possible side-effects of treatment

Pros cons benefits risks etc.

All your concerns about children and Radiation zone also need to be addressed at the Centre where you seek RT.

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Zahid100 in reply to roxboxfox

My mother is being treated in a public hospital and this is the biggest one in the country. Huge pressure of the patients and sometimes it is very difficult to get their appointment as there is a very large queue of patients. Sometimes we go to see the doctors in private clinics. And this forum helps me a lot. All the doctors like sumeet sir and others helped me a lot. Thanks.

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