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Side Effect of Chemo--- Hair Loss

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Hi All,

I am 34 years and I did my BCS 2 weeks back.. My 1st chemo will start next week... After reading all post and views from everyone, I am feeling confident, and I am preparing myself as Now I know what's going to happen next after taking chemo, but at the same time feeling very nervous with one of the side effects which is Hair Loss.... I feel that's going to be most disturbing side effect for Me...

In some posts, I read about people suggesting to go for Natural Hair Wigs / Real Hair Wigs ..... I live in Kochi, Kerala... can anyone please suggest me where to buy these natural wig from? And approx what is the cost? I tried to check on Resource, but it says this page is under construction..

Can any one of you please guide me?

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A different point of view. I don't know anything about resources there (I'm in the US). I did not need chemo, just radiation, so I did not lose my hair, but my sister in law did. She decided to shave her head as it gave her a sense of being in control. Before doing that she bought an expensive real hair wig. She found it a nuisance to take care of and bought a good synthetic wig. It looked exactly like her real hair - she sometimes wore it on "bad hair days" when she was in a hurry after her treatment was over and we never could tell the difference. It was very easy to care for.


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kontakTeamBCI in reply to MsLockYourPosts

Hi Tanay - welcome to the forum - yes of course hair loss is a very disturbing side effect. We had prepared for the natural wig before the 1st chemo started. We had purchased from Pune the cost was Rs 20,000/- - the cost of wig depends on the length of hair you want - if you want a boy cut it will be below 15,000/- For my sister we had purchased some what lengthy hair which matched to her hair - hence 20,000/-

If you want can give the contact nos in Pune. Rest don't take tension - everything will be fine - we all are with you - Take care and keep sharing

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Tanay in reply to kontak

Thanks a lot kontak....

Yup will really appreciate if you can help me with contact no in Pune...

I am feeling so good to join this forum, I really feel I am not alone fighting this tough battle....

Thanks a lot pkenn

Will surely check about it on google...

Don't rule out the many head covering options as well, especially for comfort at home. There is a good video on youtube called How to Wear a Buff that I liked. The same woman did one or two on makeup. There are also great ways to wear beautiful scarves and hats, some designed for women without hair. There was a very special video, I think on Facebook, about a woman whose friends had a hat party for her before she started chemo. I thought it was a very special way for friends to be supportive.

Hi pkenn, I just checked the video... It's really helpful... I can use this option for house purpose... Thanks a lot..

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Hi Tanay, sorry to hear about it but as i can feel from your reply...u look bit relax and mentally prepare for your treatment that's the most important thing bcu this attitude will help you lot. wig its totally personal choice my wife didnt use wig at all bcu of winter season, she used to use cap only...Be worries all will be there with you.

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Tanay in reply to manish_vkg

Thanks Manish_vkg, I m trying to prepare myself! I know it's going to be tough but at the same time I know I am left with No CHOICE.... and I have to go through all this..... whether I like it or not.....

5 more days to go, and my life is going to change......

It's hard....... But that's Life.......

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Papillion wigs - 020 65612204. One thing is sure - if you have to go out for work - wig helps a lot in creating self confidence. My sister is Advocate - due to wig after 3 or 4 days of chemo she started going to office and tried to be with work - this helped a lot

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Tanay in reply to kontak

Thanks Kontak.... Will call them today itself...

I hope it works for me as well, like it did for your sis... Coz even I don't want to lose my self confidence...

Also as you said she started going to work in 3-4 days, I just wanted to know was she able to concentrate in her work after chemo or is it very difficult??

My son is in class 2 and usually I only help him with all his homework and studies, will I be able to teach him and take care of him during my chemo.??

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kontakTeamBCI in reply to Tanay

Yes of course - not 100% but atleast 60% - this helped her a lot - even for your case - there will be absolutely no problem - even after chemo she used to wake up at 5 am - try to do the small works - and go to office - only weakness you will feel and some side effects - Doctor will give you medicines for side effects -

Take care of your son a lot - this will help a lot

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Tanay in reply to kontak

Ya my son is the biggest hope for me... Even I am praying very hard to God, no matter what happens to me next, but I always want to be there for my Son....

Thanks Kontak

Dear Tanay:

Please do not worry. You will be fine. We are always with you. Regarding the hair loss, you can prepare the wig from your own hair if you want. I use a head scarf and am totally comfortable. It is your choice. Please try out the various options. With regards to side effects you might feel it for few days but then slowly you will learn to adapt yourself also.

Just be strong , positive & ALWAYS KEEP SMILING ...

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Tanay in reply to tiger72

Hi tiger72, thanks a lot for all the moral support.....

It's really great to have a team like this....

This is a great forum...

Hi Tanay,

Welcome to the forum.

About hair wigs I live in Mumbai and I bought a natural hair wig for myself. I bought it from Neelam's Beauty and Medicare. This is their number :

Mobile number : 9920477521

Landline number : 022- 65225562

Web addres:

Email :

They say they have a country wide network. Natural hair wigs cost depends on the length. Mine cost about Rs 20000/- as mine was a long hair wig.

Some parlours also provide services like shampooing and conditioning the wig.

Also you can buy beautiful scarves to cover your head while at home.

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Tanay in reply to greenbear

Thanks a lot greenbear.... I will just call them and check... As to how soon can they arrange... And whether they can deliver in Kochi.... Since I read in few posts that their hair started falling in 10 days after 1 st chemo... So I have very less time...

You all are such a wonderful people... Helping the needy... Thanks again.

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kontakTeamBCI in reply to Tanay

For wig you have to give measurement of your head - and then it is prepared. Atleast one time you will have to visit. Time will be minimum 10 to 15 days.

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Tanay in reply to kontak

Thanks Kontak... Wil try if something works out...

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kontakTeamBCI in reply to Tanay

Try to locate in your city

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Tanay in reply to kontak

I checked from all my friends & sources but failed to find any natural wigs supplier in Kochi so far...

So will try to work out something with contact nos that you people have given me... ( Pune & Mumbai...). Thanks Kontak...


You can get a wig within a week's time of ordering. Just call them and ask all the details.

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Tanay in reply to greenbear

Thanks greenbear... Will just get the details...

Hi Tanay....

Be strong enough to go through the treatment everything will be fine. I am going through the treatment now in Bangalore native of Kerala, 2 more chemo left for me. I used synthetic wig , in Bangalore when I enquired that itself was above 10 000 .. So I got it from USA natural looking synthetic one for Rs. 4000/-.

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Tanay in reply to roops

Thanks roops, did you buy this natural looking synthetic wig online through some website... If yes pls provide me with website details, coz 4000 Rs is too good price for natural looking wig...

Got it online only it's foreign website my delivery address was USA and when my friend traveled to India he gave to me. I will give u the website address please check how is their international delivery and extra how much they will charge.

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Tanay in reply to roops

Thanks a lot roops... Will check abt their extra charges

Tanay check here:

Or you can call just dial and ask for list of places providing wigs (natural and synthetic) in Kochi. They will mail or sms the list to you with phone numbers and address.

Personally I did not like the look of the synthetic wig they showed me, so I went for natural wig. If you take a boy cut wig, then cost will be less than Rs 20000/-. Boy cut wigs will be the best because then after chemo the transition from no hair to boy cut hair will be smooth. Moreover they are more manageable.

As for the other side effects of chemo, they remain for 3-4 days immediately after chemo and then slowly subside. You will be able to take care of your son and help him with his studies. Dont worry, everything will be fine. I am myself going through chemo right now , 2 more left for me.

Thanks greenbear... U all are so helpful... Really appreciate....

And all the best to you for your last 2 chemos... Hope u r doing fine..

Tanay....I for one did not use any wig scarf at my head shaved off before the chemo started...was an emotional high point sitting in that parlour and after that i did not look back....i got courage from a few other patients and some you tube videos...i thought people would stare or laugh but believe one does...i was just a curiosity to small kids and i found that amusing...but did give me a sense of control as i used to be paranoid about losing hair....and i definitely didnt want to see them come out in bunches...try it...its ur way of telling the situation...who is the boss here

Love n hugs


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Tanay in reply to Richa25

Thanks Richa25..... I must say , you have lot of courage.. & a very positive attitude towards Life...

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Richa25 in reply to Tanay

At times i am like this times the doubts assail...its a mixture of highs and lows...this forum Dr Shah n the bonding i have had with fellow patients helped...see life in a different light...enjoy the breeze the rain...n the beauty of simple acts...Tanay...its a process and as long as you take it like that...u will stay today gone tomorrow will come back even better the day me if u ever want my email is a mail and i will send my take things that make u n cherish urself

Love n hugs Richa

hi tanay,first be positive everything will be fine.dont worry.after my 1st chemo the hair started falling after 15 suggestion is to shave your head when hair fall starts.i am using scarf as it is convenient.i have finished 8 chemos and my hair has started growing back slowly.i have a daughter studying in 4th std,i get up at 5.30 am,prepare her lunch box,take her dont worry about ur son.initially it will be difficult but u will get used to it.all the best tanay.DONT WORRY.EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE FINE. take care.

Tanay - it's not about being strong or brave. It's about doing what you have to do. You have a great attitude about dealing with your chemo and the things that go with it, like hair loss. I know you will find a way to move through it and to be there for your son. If you have a bad day you can always come here to let your feelings out. Everyone will understand and help you through it.


Tanay - it's not about being strong or brave. It's about doing what you have to do. You have a great attitude about dealing with your chemo and the things that go with it, like hair loss. I know you will find a way to move through it and to be there for your son. If you have a bad day you can always come here to let your feelings out. Everyone will understand and help you through it.


Thanks ran_sav and pkenn...

Dr. Shah rightly said in his introduction that this forum is like my second family , now I can understand the meaning.......

Each and Every member of this forum is so very helpful & is standing right besides you in such tough times.....

When I got the news of my cancer I was completely shattered & feeling lost, really worried about my Son.... but since the day I signed in this forum, I feel I am having a great support team with me to help me in this most difficult journey of my Life....

now I know this is my Family too.......

Thank you all sooooooo much......

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Tanay, nice too know u r comfortable here...we know its a tough journey but if someone is there with you. This journey also can be less painful may be we are unable to take ur whole pain but we are always there with you...and u should not feel u r alone...i would say...this is really a superb family, we are all in same boat and we can understand each other better than anyone else. Keep Smiling..Share feelings..motivate others...spreed happiness..

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Tanay in reply to manish_vkg

Exactly manish_vkg, this is what even I m feeling from within..... Since all of us r sailing in the same boat , there are things which you all will understand sometimes even if I don't mention it....

Thanks for your support....


If you dont mind my asking what chemo are you going to take and how many cycles?

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Tanay in reply to greenbear

Hi dear, as of now I don't know the chemo details... Tmr I have an appt with my oncologist... So far he just said I need to take 6 cycles of chemo @ interval of 21 days each starting from 20th Sept and after that 5 weeks of radiation... On my last meeting with Dr. He didn't specify what chemo??

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greenbear in reply to Tanay

Ok. You will know tomorrow. Most oncologists do the same, they dont want to burden you with too much info before everything begins. :)

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manish_vkgTeamBCI in reply to greenbear

or may be they think, we will start treating our one go to them...hahaha...i feel this is our right to know...what they will do with us...if they buy even a small smartphone they will ask n number of silly questions and if u ask something it will go to their ego..why always they take like someone challenging their knowledge...till date i don't understand this concept..everybody is expert in his own field..

Note: Above mentioned statement is not apply to dr. Shah and dr like shah..

My hospital provided me with cold cap treatment whilst receiving chemo

I then went home and wore a shower cap full of ice for 5 hours ( my daughter made an extra lining in the shower cap)

I am happy to say I kept all my hair and eyelashes.

It also helped with my recovery as I still looked the same person in the mirror x

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