About Treatment of HER2 positive node negative right breast cancer in the cheapest way possible

My mother has HER2 positive and nodes negative infiltrating ductal carcinoma. Doctors has said to take 8 cycles of chemotherapy and after finishing chemo they will give radio therapy. Is this the only treatment available? Are there any alternative treatments available? Like HERCEPTIN. Or chemotherapy + radio therapy will make sure the cure of this cancer?

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  • For HER2 positive, Herceptin is very helpful. You can discuss it with your Oncologist. Chemo and Radiation are standard treatments. For those who are confirmed as HER2 positive, Herceptin can be added.

  • Thank you...I will definitely ask my doctor.

  • My mother's reports are good but the doctor has written prognosis bad....I am in a devastating stage.... I am feeling hopeless for my mother....

  • Do follow your doctors adv.One good thing about HER positive is specific targeted therapy in the form of Perception is available .Since node negative ,she is good to treat patient . Don't ctgink of any alternative therapy at this juncture.Herceptin is major discovery in Medicine in general.It s said to be game changer ,as described by my Oncologist.So go for chemo radio ...All the best to your mom for recovery.

  • Herceptin in my last reply .Pls read herceptin not Perception.

  • Doctors said to take 8 cycles of chemotherapy and radio therapy. After that they suggested to take Herceptin. Will it be OK?

  • Yes

  • I am a HER positive

    Masectomy,8 chemo, 17 cycles of Hertz bio similar of Herceptin

    I am perfectly alright

    Be brave go ahead with Herceptin it's a miracle

  • I am also planning to give hertraz. How much a vial cost? And does the doctors prescribe it? Will it similarly effective as roche's herceptin / herclon?

  • It's as effective as Herceptin that is what oncologist says

    45ooo 1 year before plus u ll get 1 vial free for 4 vials talk to ur oncologist

    He ll refer the company

  • Hi Zahid,

    For this type of disease ,if you are in the right hands ,you are already cured 50%, the balance will be thru sheer will power. Your mothers diagnosis and my wife's diagnosis are both same. Herceptin is a wonder drug, do as your oncologist says and your mother will come thru .After the initial confirmation of the disease my wife had a 4.5 cm mobile lump and two nodes positive on the right breast, our oncologist started with three chemos along with Herceptin, after that some scans and mammograms were taken and to our surprize the lump had been reduced to 0.01cm and no symptoms in the nodes,Herceptin had worked well on her, next the oncologist shifted my wife to surgery and a full mastectomy was done and sent for histopathology biopsy,all the twelve parameters showed negative, on seeing the report the oncologist said as a precautionary he would give three more Adjuvant chemos with Herceptin, and since the results were good he ruled out radiation . one month after the full treatment that is 3 chemos-Surgery-3 chemos, we went in for a PET scan, There was no symptom of the disease and we were happy to see my wife recovering. During the 6 Chemos and surgery my wife maintained her blood count ,Hb% and creatinine levels very well , we gave her a well balanced protein diet throughout the treatment and kept her confidence levels high. I am sure your mother will come out successfully battling this disease . Take care of her and GOD bless

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