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Anyone can explain the Pet Ct report

My mother is already thru 12 doses of herceptin,carboplatin and paclitaxel every week.After her 12 doses of chemotherapy Pet Ct have been done.This is been mentioned in the Impression. PET CT study shows no evidence of metabolically active lesion in the left anterior chest wall to suggest residual/recurrent disease.

No evidence of metabolically active disease anywhere else in the body.Can anyone what exactly does it mean.

Thanks & Regards

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I am not a doctor, but believe that no evidence of metabolically active residual / recurrent disease means that the scan does not show any left over or returning disease. I'm very happy for your mother and all of those who love her!



Hi Debroy, this is wonderful news as per pet/ct report your mother is cancer free now...so this is the celebration time.God bless her.




Hi it means no evidence of disease in the body. Good to hear. Take care


Thank you all.But is it because of her being HER 2 positive and lymph node metastases she needs more chemos?


When a PET scan says that there is no metabolically active disease in the body and the previous PET scan had showed up something, it means it has responded well to the chemo.

So this PET report is definitely a good report.

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Dear Sumeet Sir,

There's no previous PET Ct scan done.Earlier only biopsies done.Recently CA 15.3 blood test is also been done and the report says 25.3.


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