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my wife (33Y) was detected infiltering ductal carcinoma stage 4 Metastatic PR 3/8, in Sept.2015. she is getting chemo and till now 5has been over and one chemo to be given on 9th feb. Pet CT had been done on10th Dec. it was taken after 3 chemo and as result tumer has been shrink about 90% and now doctor is suggest for removing of lumb and then radiation therapy. Now i want to know that radiation is how much expensive and is there effect if i plan for another hospital nearby my town , i am staying in Greater Noida (NCR) Dr is suggest for Medanta Medicity Pls suggest if you need PET CT report i can post it.

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  • You have mentioned that the cancer was stage 4. Where all had it spread?

  • it was spread in lever (1tumer 9mm) and overy but now after second PET it seen that lever and overy have no evidence of cancer it has been removed and in the breast initialy it was 50mm and after second PET it has remain by 10mm the second PET was perform after 3 chemo.

  • it was spread in lever and overy

  • As for treatment decision, I cannot give an opinion as decisions are very individualised and vary from patient to patient. It's best you discuss with your oncologist and follow accordingly.

    As for cost of radiation, there are different types of radiation and cost depends on the type selected. Your Radiation Oncologist will guide you on all types in detail and tell you the cost, which may have variation from hospital to hospital.

    Please don't post any report. We need you to understand that on one report we can't comment anything. Decision making in cancer involves assessing patient in full detail, all other factors and reports. Your Oncologist is the best person to help you.

  • I too have to undergo radiation after a mastectomy and chemo. Are there questions I should be asking the radiation oncologist when we discuss the treatment plan? Is a CT scan done before treatment starts and what will it show? --sherna

  • Perhaps it would be easy to have a consultation at Medanta Medicity and ask them what would be the cost and also take a second opinion on further management with regards to the appropriateness of further surgery and Radiotherapy.

    All the best

  • U can try at Max hospital Saket also. Compare the prices ñ make ur decision. Doctors are gud at Max. U can meet Dr. ANAND THERE.

  • Good hospitals for cancer care in Delhi NCR are medanta fmri gurgaon and blk super speciality karol bagh and max saket... Some doctors at max saket have recently left so u may confirm the availability on phone.

    I m no specialised in this field but for my mom the radiotherapy for breast was told to us in between 1.6 to 2 lakh..by different hospitals.

  • Hi Shailendra

    I happen to be nearby ..In Noida...though wouldn't know much about hospitals in Delhi but you can get in touch with me...just stay strong


  • Are you doctor?

  • No Shailendra I am not. ..am a fighter just like your wife

  • Oh! Can I have your contact no. I want to talk to you

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