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Breast Cancer India
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My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, with ER, Br- negative and Her 2 positive with node positive , she underwent 3 cycles of Chemo with herceptin(biceltis) along with taxidere and Kemo carb, then she under went mastectomy surgery and again three cycles of the above chemo, before treatment she had a mass of 5.5cm to 4.5 cm and two nodes, after first three cycles the mass had shrunk to 1cm x1cm and nodes were not visible. After surgery the removed breast was sent for histopathalogy diagnosis and all results came out as negative. The next three chemos were given as precautionary and now she is on the road to recovery. Thanks to the Dr who treated her, he was great and his support was excellent. He also provided us with one injection of herceptin free. He also provided all documents required for claim and my insurance company gratefully sanctioned my claims, only regret was I had only 300000 as claim amount which was only sufficient for 3 chemos.

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So is your question whether Herceptin should be covered? In a situation of a HER2+ (positive) cancer, both chemo and Herceptin (in combination) is the standard of treatment. (Herceptin or another drug containing Trastuzumab).

Do tell me if you want to sustain that argument with a few links etc.

What company is your health insurance? Some Indian health insurance companies use the misunderstanding that Herceptin is a gene treatment, which is wrong.

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Sidduram - yes there are times when we regret we could not cover the whole treatment.


United India Insurance Co Ltd and TPA is emeditek


I am a little confused, being from Denmark. Are you covered for breast cancer in your insurance? Then Herceptin must be covered and reimbursed...


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