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carcinoma right breast with bone metastasis(IDC)

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Dear sir,

my mother is diagnosed with breast carcinoma with bone metastasis and she underwent for 18 weekly paclitaxel 100mg and every 21days zolendronic inj.After we have did 2nd PET CT scan for comparison and the result is mixed response in bones and tumor size was deceased from 2.8*2.2 cm to2.4*2.2cm .Her Biopsy report is ER-90% positive,PR-90% positive,HER Negative .Now doctor suggested the following options

1.Letrozole tablet or Fulvestron INJ

2.Palbase with Fulvestron

after that we are taken medical opinion from other doctor and suggested the following

1.Serum-LH,FSH,Estradiol TEST before harmone therapy.after the result go for PALBASE with Letrozole.

same time another doctor advised PALBASE will be available free of cost for BPL families from company, before we need to submit the some documents.Whether it is correct?

In view of the above please clarify

1.It is learnt that In market PLBASE price is 95000 any difference will be there for this free medicine and purchase medicine?

2.PALBASE+Fulvestrant option is better or PALBASE+Letrozole is better?

3.Before going for Harmone therapy the mentioned tests is necessary ? as because our doctor is told no need of any tests but 2nd doctor suggested the tests(My mother already went for Hysterectomy 20 years back)

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Lets wait for our Team of Doctors to reply

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1. It wont be any different, don't worry. Go for it.

2. Can't comment on this. I am a Surgical Oncologist. You will have to consult your doctor (Medical Oncologist) for the same.

3. It depends from doctor to doctor. Both of your doctors are correct. The second doctor has asked for those tests as he wants to confirm the menopausal status. Even if hysterectomy is done, in most women, ovaries are never removed and they could still be functioning till menopause happens.

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Dear Devender,

seek opinion from new medical.oncologist.


Follow advise of the medical Oncologist u ve already seen.

It's very difficult to give any advice on this forum,


The supreme Court has Banned giving advice on Internet.

Dr Sumeet and I risk our license from being cancelled, should there me any Medicolegal case tomorrow.

Sir,I can't move treatment based on your opinions na, just Iam seeking advice if we can't get reply or suggestions,then what is the use of this forum...

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UpperHandAdministrator in reply to devender449

Mr Devender, we so wish to help you, but unfortunately, doctors cannot give an opinion online just by seeing a few reports. A cancer patient needs to be assessed in detail and then decision are taken. It takes more than 30 minutes of detailed assessment and studying reports, past history, present situation and then plan. So it is our suggestion that, if still there is doubt, you may take a second opinion near the place you stay.

Also, there are many professional second opinion sites, including one recently started by Tata Memorial Centre, which is very good. You may want to ask there, and they will surely help you.We very much wish a speedy recovery for your mother and we are sure she will come out a winner after the treatment.

Upper Hand,

Contact Pfizer customer care. You will get the medicine in discount..

Devender - I understand your fear and the frustration you are feeling. I believe that being a caregiver is much harder than being the patient. We all want absolute answers for those we love, but in medicine there are very few absolutes. It would be nice if, in the various support groups, people could post absolute answers to questions like yours. I am involved in leukemia support groups as well as this one. I can't tell you how many times people post looking for an absolute answer, or confirmation that their approach is the best one. I find it very disturbing to read answers from fellow patients saying that you must follow this or that treatment - some valid treatments - but the right one depends on the individual case -

and some absolutely quackery.

If you have two conflicting opinions you need to look at the qualifications of each doctor, and perhaps you need to seek a third opinion to put your mind at rest. At the same time, you need to realize that different doctors can approach a case differently, with each approach being valid. A friend in the leukemia world traveled the US and got opinions from five of the top specialists in the country. He ended up with five different opinions. Sometimes we need to look at our options and just go with our gut feeling about what is best for us.

I wish your mother the very best!

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sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to MsLockYourPosts

Fully agree with pkenn.

Like pkenn has said above (about her friend with leukemia), even for three different patients of same age and same stage of breast cancer, there could be three different treatments depending on many factors. Hence, it is not correct to just see a few reports and give a verdict. There are so many things needed to assess in detail, which is not possible on this forum. Hence, even though we may want to give a second opinion, we do not give, as it may be incorrect.

Just follow your Oncologist, take the treatment properly and with love and support of you and your family, she will soon be fine. We wish her luck in recovery.

Thank you sir

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