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Breast Cancer - Please help me with treatment procedure and let me know things to take care during treatment phase

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Hello Friends

Please suggest me best Advise , My mom Right Breast Specimen Says Invasive Ductal Carcinoma PT2N0MX with component of ductal Carcinoma in SITU - (AJCC Manual for Cancer Staging - 8th Edition.

2. NH Score ( Modified Richardson-Bloom Score :9[Grade 3]

3: All surgical margins and Lymph node-free of tumor .

Advised For ER, PR +Her2 /Nev Studies

Just Advice me what is pros and cons after getting Chemo Therepy and what is the stage according to the report you analyze and fyi Tumor Size was 4*3*3 .

Please let me Know things to care during these treatment phase .

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So sorry to hear about your mothers diagnosis.However the fact that the margins were clear and lymph node negative is very promising

With the right treatments and care, you mother should be able to lead a long and normal life.

Your treating team will make decisions after they get the ER/PR and HER2 results as well.

There are a number of websites which provide information on side effects of treatment and life after breast cancer treatment. There are also support groups for women who have been through this journey.

For now I would advise to focus on treatment and her emotional and physical well being so she is able to complete all the treatments positively.

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Very appropriately said by SaiCanGlobal above.

For staging other details need to be seen (this looks to be in second stage). The right person to help you understand the stage is your Oncologist. We suggest you sit with your Oncologist to understand the following:

1. The exact stage

2. What further treatment needed according to stage

3. How much will be the duration of further treatment

The report definitely is in favour of your mother, don’t worry. Just do what your Oncologist tells you to; she will be fine soon.

Also, to help us help you better, please talk to your Oncologist first about anything you wish to ask. If you don’t understand or some confusion, then ask here. This forum can not replace your Oncolgist and cannot be the first source for answer; you have to talk to your doc first. Also, there are more than 500 questions related to chemo on this forum which have been well answered by many. If you take effort to search a bit on this forum and read first and then ask, it will encourage us to help you.

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Wonderful that your mother had clear margins and negative lymph nodes. As Dr. Shah has said, your mother's doctor is where to start with questions, as he/she will know the most about her individual case.

For basic information is a good site, but I would wait until you know more about your mother's markers before exploring the site. Another good site is which deals, among other things, with appearance issues for women dealing with the physical side effects of chemotherapy.

Keep us posted!


Thanks a Lot Pat MsLockYourPosts sumeet_shah & SaiCanGlobal For your Kind words --- I know I have the best adviser is present Oncologist who is having files of my Mother reports but yet from here I got a lot of things to take care while moving forward and again in future I 'll be in touch with you need your support .

12 year survivor, so far. I hope you are reporting something similar down the road! The diagnosis is a shock and dealing with treatment can be emotionally, as well as physically difficult.

Your mother is fortunate to have you to support her. Focus on the positive and try to talk about normal life events with her. Let her know that you are always ready to listen, but unless she is having a particularly difficult time at some point, let her lead the conversations about her cancer when she feels the need.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself and get help, whether at a cancer center or here, if / when you feel overwhelmed. You willl be able to help your mother best if you do that.

Sure Sir --- I was getting emotional but with your support and support of my oncologist make me little bit stronger and I'll definitely going to ask you any doubt I'll receive in ER/ PR and HER@ tests -- Thanks a lot

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Sir MsLockYourPosts sumeet_shah SaiCanGlobal I got final result please suggest me as oncologist told me whatever you heard just forgot it and let me do my work and I also think he told me correct word because its his duty and I do not suppose to ask much questions during treatment --- report in brief is Her2Neu - 3+

ER -> -Ve

PR-> -Ve

Histologic Type - predominantly high grade DCIS of cribriform, Comedeo , micropapillary and clinging type with foci of micro invasio-1-2 mm

Histologic Grade - 1+3+2 (6/9) Grade 2

Tumor site - as per original report

Tumor Size - as per original report

Tumor focality : as per original report

Tumor extension - overlying skin/nipple areola /not involved by tumor

Margins : all margins are free of tumor DCIS

closest Margin DSM - - .5mm

Lymph Node : 19 lymph nodes examined all are negetive for tumor deposit (0/19)

Lymphovascula emboli / preneural invasio- Not identified

Adjcent breast : Normal

Opinion : Modified radical Mastectomy ( review slide) - : Infitrating duct Carcinoma with Extensive DCIS component pT1aN0Mx

Sir please review this report and suggest me with your kind words what is worst part here and if my mother is going to be in Chemotherapy then for reduce its effect can I take Ayurvedic treatment after chemotherepy ??

Ayurvedic treatment thought is of my mind I didn't asked to any one else about it --- it is the best platform where I just wanted your valuable opinion so that I can take a little step forward to make my mother healthier ... please suggest me what the report looks like ?

I am not a doctor, just a fellow patient, so I am not qualified to comment on your mother's test results, other than to say, from my own experience, that clear margins and no lymph node involvement is good news.

If your mother's doctor will not discuss her results with her and you, I would consider looking for a different doctor, or at least having a consult with someone else if possible. We, as patients, have a right to understand test findings and suggestions for treatments.

I tried kicking up my post about tricks during chemotherapy. If it doesn't come up, try going to instead of "my hub". It should be at or near the top. I don't think that Ayurvedic treatment would help with the effects of chemo, and would certainly discuss using it with a doctor before trying that or any "natural cures" of any kind. Some can cause reactions with the drugs being given.

I think the best advice is to eat a balanced diet and to exercise as able. There may be days, if your mother has chemo, when eating is difficult. If so discuss medications for that with her doctor and help her to stay hydrated. Water is important to flush out the dead and dying cancer cells, so lots of water. If staying hydrated is difficult let her doctor know right away. She can be given intravenous fluids to help.

If your mother has bad days, keep reminding her that they will end soon, and that the treatments are killing off any cancer cells that might be hiding in her body. Please let us know how your mother is doing, as she goes through this next part of her treatment.

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sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to MsLockYourPosts

Very well and aptly said, Pat. As usual, your guidance is very helpful.

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