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Hello docs

I am a breast cancer survivor. It's been 2 yrs I had cancer in left breast. Armidex n herceptin going on. 2 backs I noticed very light Orange peel effect on my right breast. No other symptoms no swelling no redness no lump. I am overweight n have heavy n sagging breast. Should I be worried or is it just my mind playing games. Pls advice. Thank u

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  • Hello Bhavika - better not to take any risk. Just show your Oncologist and clear the doubt.

  • Had my pet ct in April...which was clear. Does that make any difference

  • Bhavika - lets see what our Doctors say

  • It's difficult for us to judge the orange peel skin effect you mention. For all you know, it may be nothing. Could be radiation induced effect. However, for a safer approach, its best to meet your surgeon and clarify that all is well.

  • It is the other breast and not the treated breast. I know difficult to judge...just wanted some guidance. Something reassuring....the effect is only visible when I try to pull skin n wrinkles form .May b its nothing n I just noticed.

  • PET CT scan is not a standard proven investigation in Patients with Breast cancer on follow up.

    Unsure if you had Metastatic disease to begin with as you are still on Herceptin at 2 years....

    Mammography +/- Sonography is the standard investigation for.the opposite breast and is recommended as Surveillance in all those patients who had curative treatment for stages 1-3

    Please consult your Oncologist who will be at the best position to take the final call.

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