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Orange peel skin


Hello docs

I am a breast cancer survivor. It's been 2 yrs I had cancer in left breast. Armidex n herceptin going on. 2 backs I noticed very light Orange peel effect on my right breast. No other symptoms no swelling no redness no lump. I am overweight n have heavy n sagging breast. Should I be worried or is it just my mind playing games. Pls advice. Thank u

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Hello Bhavika - better not to take any risk. Just show your Oncologist and clear the doubt.

bhavika23 in reply to kontak

Had my pet ct in April...which was clear. Does that make any difference

kontakTeamBCI in reply to bhavika23

Bhavika - lets see what our Doctors say


It's difficult for us to judge the orange peel skin effect you mention. For all you know, it may be nothing. Could be radiation induced effect. However, for a safer approach, its best to meet your surgeon and clarify that all is well.

It is the other breast and not the treated breast. I know difficult to judge...just wanted some guidance. Something reassuring....the effect is only visible when I try to pull skin n wrinkles form .May b its nothing n I just noticed.


PET CT scan is not a standard proven investigation in Patients with Breast cancer on follow up.

Unsure if you had Metastatic disease to begin with as you are still on Herceptin at 2 years....

Mammography +/- Sonography is the standard investigation for.the opposite breast and is recommended as Surveillance in all those patients who had curative treatment for stages 1-3

Please consult your Oncologist who will be at the best position to take the final call.

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