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Diet before treatment

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Hi Everyone,

I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer (stage 2). I am 31 years old. My treatment begins in a few weeks. Is there a diet that could reduce the growth of the cancer while I prepare for treatment?

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Diet as such, has no direct control over cancer growth. A routine balanced healthy diet is all you need to continue. Eat fruits, they are helpful. Drink lots of fluids, it always helps. During surgery, there wont be much problem, as you can eat and drink everything. During chemotherapy, there will be slight restrictions on things you eat, and occasionally, there is a bit of loss of taste. So eat foods which give lot of energy in smaller quantities. Eat things which you like, so palatability of food is better.

Read up the questions here, they might be of help:

And please do introduce yourself here. It will help all of us interact with you better and help you better:

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Murasta in reply to sumeet_shah

Thank you Sumeet. This is quite helpful.

Hello murasta! Welcome on the forum. I know how does it feel on being diagnosed with cancer, but don't worry you are here in the group of all fighters and doctors, we will fight it. All the best for your treatment and feel free to ask if you have any questions in mind.

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Murasta in reply to imprincess

Thank you for your support. :)

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ran_sav in reply to Murasta

dont worry murasta,everything will be fine,keep a positive attitude ,it will help a lot.take care

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Dear murasta, its really sad to know u r suffering by bca but no worries. You are at right place here u will get the answers for all ur query from the survivors on the the basis of their real life experience...keep ur sprit high.. We Know its really tough but we can do whatever in our hand so dont think about cancer...only to fight and win this battle...

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Hi murasta - it really disturbing to know you have been detected. You are in a very initial stage. Do take proper treatments from the Oncologists. Take care - keep sharing. You will receive a very good support from all the members

Helo Murasta

very sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I just finished my treatment in December and continuing to recover from all sorts of side effects of chemo and radiation. As Dr.Shaw mentioned your need balanced diet to maintain your good health and to recover faster once you are on treatment. If you are a non- vegetarian with so much hatredness for vegetables and fruits, I suggest try to incorporate more fresh fruits and Vegas to your diet. Can specific diet prevent the growth of Cancer? Yes or No. It is a combination of diet, physical activities, less stress can prevent the cancer if it had not attacked you yet. If you are diagnosed with Cancer still there is a high chance of preventing a re attack provided you can incorporate certain things into your routine. I strongly believe in that.

More than all maintain a positive attitude, be kind to yourself and listen to your body and mind.

Don't forget to reach out to the forum members here if u have any questions, concerns or doubts

With prayers


Hello Murasta

Really sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but as everyone said above, be strong with positive attitude and you will overcome it. My mother was diagnosed last year and she just finished her treatment in January. As Dr. Sumeet mentioned that healthy and balanced diet is must during chemo. Would just add that my mom used to take fresh pomegranate juice daily as that is great source of iron and she was running with marginal HB during chemo. So that helped her.

Be in touch with group for any of your questions or apprehensions, it has some wonderful members who are always ready to help.


Thank you all for the support and encouragement. I highly appreciate it.

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