Please suggest me a healthy regime

Hi everyone!! the onset i would like to appreciate the spirit of all the members of this group... u all are indeed very strong .... after reading the various postings i am finally relieved that i have found the support group that i was looking for...

Hats off to the doctors who are a part of this group and take out time from their busy schedules to guide us through.

I am 36 years old and was daignosed with breast cancer stage -1 in july 2016.... i just completed my chemo and wud continue with herceptin. My query is regarding what diet should i follow post treatment n wat extra can i do for myself to keep myself healthy. I have got so confused after reading numerous articles on the internet. It is exhausting.... plz guide me through.....

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  • Take a healthy diet. Try to do your normal routine. This will help you a lot. Do the things you like to do. Time is the only heal

  • Thanx Kontak.... at some sites it is written that avoid sugat n dairy products.... is that true?

  • Everthing in the limits wont be harmful

  • Sugar and animal fats (saturated) are always good to avoid. As well as processed food. So soda and too much red meat out...

    As for dairy it is the fat that is bad. So avoid gravy etc.

    And a good variety of green...

    I lowered a hypertension that way, and it is said that cancer thrives on the same bad things. Sugar, saturated fat, and processed food i.e. things that are transformed away from their original state.

    Good luck


  • Thank u for the guidance....

  • Try to avoid white sugar. Take Turmeric in your daily food. ALSO GOOD AMT. OF GINGER BE A VEGGI

  • Please buy The book ANTICANCER available in amazon read & follow

  • Thanx Venkat 👍

  • Ask about ginger. It can lower platelets.

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