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Need Support for getting Palbace tablets


Hello All,

My mom has been diagnosed with Metastatic BC with mets to ribs only,

Below is the detailed information of the same :

2011 :

In 2011 when she was first diagnosed with BC, she underwent a surgery mastetocomy to remove breast and after that she undergone 6 cycles of chemo(FAC).No hormone receptor test was done at that time and after chemo she was taking vitamin tablets only for 5 years.Biopsy results came as : Invasive lobular carcinoma, grade II, micrometastatic deposit in one lymph was done by general surgeon

2017 :

In jan 2017 we went for a normal check up and it showed lesion in chest wall.we had a surgery at that time to remove the lesion, the biposy report came as : invasive breast carcinoma of no special type, grade II, Tumor is involving skeletal muscle and margin of excision , vascular and perinueral invasion is present. Hormone receptor status : ER + 8/8 , PR 4/8 and HER -

After that she went for 30 cycles of concurrent chemoradiation.followed by PET SCAN which showed some activity in Left sterni(suv - 6).Now our onc. suggested to take femara and also he suggested Ibrance will be a best option.

But its costly, can anyone help or direct me to get those tablets in a discount price like gov,.subsidy or clinical trails etc?

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Palbociclib is a costly drug, no doubt. There are no government susbsidies that I am aware of. As for trials, clinical trials have very strict enrollment criteria. It's not that all can be eligible for trials. You can ask the doctor who prescribed Ibrance, whether there are any local trials going on for which she may be eligible. Also ask him / her, where could you get them from a distributor or from some scheme by the company (Pfizer).


Your options are

1. Register with Tata Memorial Hospital, and get these medications at TATA special rates.

2. Ask and seek advise from your Oncologist as mentioned by Sumeet already, he would surely be able to get you rates cheaper that MRP from distributor or company representative liason member. We could surely help you with few contact details, but Professional courtesy demands this ideal help comes from your oncologist.

Hello sir,

Thanks for your reply.

1. I will try registering registering with Tata Memorial Hospital to get the advantages.

I had already discussed with our oncologist he told that first 6 months we have to pay for tablets and rest for another 6 months they can provide free of cost.

If you need any diagnosis reports, or any letter from our oncologist explaining the situation , i will be ready to provide the same.please help me to get the same

tishman in reply to Prasath_sas

Could you please tell me more about this scheme? Buy for 6 months & get it free for 6 months?

ashokreddynh in reply to tishman


Tishman, even my aunty is also suffering from breast cancer and prescribed to take pulbociclib 125 mg, so i have left with 2 bottles (21 tabs in each) you can contact me on nine seven four two six five two six five two

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