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My mother is having metastatic (carcinoma) breast cancer in left breast and was very slightly spread to lungs also. Found it in last three months back but she doesn't have any issues on her health. ER,PR & HER2 are positive.. Currently she is under going on the target therapy which is INJ TRASTUZUMAB and taking the tablet of hormone therapy. Already 3 cycles have been completed.

However,Our oncologist suggested to continued with the TRASTUZUMAB INJ forever as already spread to lungs and no need to go for surgery on breast.

What's your s suggestion on this?

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  • hello kk_r - its disturbing to hear your Mother having cancer. Regarding your querry lets wait what our Doctors to reply

  • It's not forever. It must be for a year or so. Please clarify from your Oncologist.

    Surgery does not have a role in cancers which have spread to any other organ. So your doc is correct.

  • Thanks for the advise. Could you please advise on survival rate for this scenario? (Triple positives- HER2,ER,PR)

  • Survival rates differs from individual to individual. Better don't go into statics.

  • Yeah. I understood. Thanks for your advise...

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