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i am 39 years old from bangalore. recently diagnosed with breast cancer. having fibrocyst on the same side(lt) for the past 20yrs

i noticed a small lump above the fibrocyst in upper outer quadrant of lt breast .initial usg ,mamo ,fnac findings suspicious.usg guided fnab showed invasive ductal carcinoma atleast grade1.max. tumor family history. bcs+anc done on 13.05.15. final report Pt1cN1aM0, ER+PR+,Her2neu. treatment plan is 4cycles of 2weekly dense AC,4cycles of 2 weekly paclitaxel and locoregional radiation and hormone therapy. 2 chemos over. with LORD'S strength tolerating better.i need your valuable suggestion my treatment plan in line? some times i feel 8 cycles of chemo toomuch for this stage. and i am noticing small hard lump like near anc incision and hardness near bcs . waiting for your response. a patient in need. thank you very much

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Your treatment is absolutely in the correct line, don't worry at all. As for the hardness, many people have lingering hardness in the incision lines for quite a few months or even more. However, it the hardness is bothering you, it is always advisable to meet your Surgical Oncologist and get it cleared from him / her that this is normal.


thank you so much sir.expecting your guidance and support in future also.


Hi trpl - don't worry at all - think like now 2 are over, then will be the 3rd, then 4th - one day you will find all chemos are finished.

We all have gone thro the same phase. Don't take tensions - be brave - we have to fight the cancer.

Take a healthy diet, drink lots of fluids


hi trpl be strong and take care of your nutrition


Leave worrying for things that make u happy...all will be well n over soon. ..whatever u experience are the sise effecta of the medicine that will eventually cure you. becomes easier to handle

Hugs Richa


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