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Breast cancer 4th stage

My mother 59 years old and heavy fatty. last week only my mom identity the right breast black and paining. immediately admitted in Coimbatore hospital and doctor check up told has breast cancer. my mom in 4th final stage and bios report mentioned had 20 nodes spread. finally, the doctor informed me it's final stage and not curable . whether you will go for themotheraphy before sticking removal it's not possible. surgery over and right breast removed still it's pain not over and sticking.before sticking you can't go for pet scan (where it long spread) doctor told me has your mother will live for atleast 10 to 15 days only. please guide me what I want to do. whether I'll go for Tata cancer center or adaiyar

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I think there is a strong miscommunication between you and your doctor. Probably your doctor has not explained properly or probably you have not understood it properly. I suggest you discuss with him and understand the real scene. Also, no need to come to Tata Memorial Centre. You can continue treatment at Adyar Hospital; it's a good Centre, no problem.


Doctor told has just 10 to 15 days mother will. breast cancer at 4 th stage and spread to every organ. so please kept in your home and make happiness to the mother. surgery on 3d feb and discharge on 20th Feb still sticking has not completed up-to waste water will come out. after 10 days only go for pet can and further treatment themotheraphy. final stage and critical situation were I want to admit to admit. mother can't walk and health condition too poor. please suggest me want I want to take further steps.


Hello dear...

I felling bad to hear about it. I can understand your situation. Thing is you should know the real status of your mothers cancer. I think there is miscommunication between you and your doctor. I dont know so much about the Adiyar hospital but Tata hospital is less expensive and better than Adiyar.

But I think you should go to Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, which is the best cancer hospital in the Asia.

Dont worry, your mother will be fine and dont loose your hope. take care of your mother.

All the best and stay blessed with your mother


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