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Breast Cancer India
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Breast cancer


my mother in law is breast cancer stage 4b.

she is recommanded to be treated by herceptin 17 cycles or more.

her cancer cells are spread to liver.

how could that be!

please share your experiences.

i am from Mandalay Myanmar.

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Cancer cells spread to other organs by means of blood and lymph. By way of blood, they can go to any organ where blood goes, commonest being liver, lung, brain and bones.

For breast cancer which are HER2 positive, Herceptin is helpful as it counters those receptors.

Start the treatment with your Oncologist. We wish your mother in law, a speedy recovery.

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thank you


For stage IVB (only for those with Her2 positive cancer) with cancer spread to liver..the STD approach we use is combination treatment with Pertuzumab + Herceptin + Chemo.

Pertuzumab is very expensive, hence most patient undergo treatment with Herceptin + Chemo..

The chemo would stop after some 4-6 cycles...and then Herceptin is usually continued till disease progression.

Please consult your Oncologist at Myanmar to explain options available and optimum approach best suited to u.

If in doubt, you may seek second opinion to your satisfaction .

All the best

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thank you.She had beed dripped chemo last week. After three times she need to take herceptin 17 times.


She must be HER positive on immunohistochemistry.Pls complete all those cycles of herceptin.

Inform your doctors about any heart related problem if she already has.Herceptin has the side effect called cardiomyopathy.


thank you


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