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Chemo over...Happy me :-)

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My last chemo done yesterday, was waiting for that day.... Now I have to come back to my normal life... A new life...

Support from this group friends and Dr. Sumeet helped me through out my chemo more than any thing..... Definite this group will be a part of my new life....

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Congrats roops !!! Enjoy every minute of your life.

Congrats roops and all the best for the future. I have my last chemo on Friday.

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roops in reply to greenbear

All the best for your last chemo...I know you'll also be waiting for last one to get over like me...

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dm2009 in reply to roops

thats wonderful live healthy eat healthy and stay healthy TC

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greenbear in reply to roops

Thanks roops. I had my last chemo yesterday. I have to start radiation next month. I think you had radiation before docetaxel. Did you experience any problems while taking radiation.

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roops in reply to greenbear

Happy for you dear...Radiation didn't had any problem, only thing every day we have to visit hospital.. For me it was 33 fractions ( 6 and half week) last week I had blistering from the radiation site but they gave cream to apply and was manageable no pain, and always wear loose dress so that area will be airated...

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greenbear in reply to roops

Thanks roops for the details and tips, will keep in mind. :)

Congratulations Roop.. Wish you a great time ahead.

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Congrats roops, wish u speedy recovery...God bless you!!!

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Congrats roop - for the completion of your treatment. Take care and enjoy the life.

Congrats roop!! God bless u. Sending u lots of luv.

Thanks for your love and support friends... We will continue this rest of our new life supporting each other as a family...

Roops...the hard road ends and now starts the task of looking at life afresh.....its like taking birth again...congrats sweetheart...

congrats roops.....enjoy life,keep up apositive attitude!God bless u always!

Congrats roops.... I m sooooo happy for you... I know it must be such a good feeling.... Good luck dear for ur new life....

Even I am waiting for that day to come....

Only 2 over, 4 more remaining for me....

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roops in reply to Tanay

Thanks dear...How are you now after 2 chemo...hope you don't have difficulties compared to first. Every thing will get over fast...don't worry...

God Bless you !!!

roops we r in the same boat, i took my last one on monday. feeling relaxed, but small kind of unsanitary still there. Dr jayesh asked for some x rays and all. hope every thing turns out ok. i have also read that chemo can also lead to cancer, that is also a threat. would like to know statistics for repels if any body can share. rest all fine just enjoying the small victory. wish you all the best for future.

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roops in reply to Bimalnaik

Happy for you Bimalnaik.. Enjoy each moments... Continue good diet...

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Happy for you, roops. Time for a nice ice cream! You must be feeling great, I can see. Go for a nice holiday in the vacation.

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roops in reply to sumeet_shah

Yes Dr. I am so happy...I had a small birthday party on 16th given by my hubby and few close friends as it came just two days after last chemo.

Planning for holiday trip in December . I know some follow up charts are there where can I get it? Could you guide me?

Thanks for all your support and looking forward...

My deepest thanks to Dr. Sumeet and this wonderful community for the invaluable support and comforting extended to Roops and all the other members.

I am Roops' husband and I am witness to the changes this group had brought for her. Many moments of fear, uncertainty and despair had vanished upon getting a supportive and authoritative reply. Words cannot describe those moments and no price can be set for the support she received in the time of need. This is indeed a noble cause.

Yes Dr. Sumeet, she will be getting that vacation and the ice cream when she has sufficiently recovered to risk taking preserved food. @Greenbear and @Bimalnaik, congratulations, I can imagine how it feels to have the last one. @Tanay, it will be over sooner than you think. Yes @Richa25, it is life afresh, that's why we had put just one candle on her birthday cake.

My regret is that I don't have anything to contribute here. One of my interests is to study about history of wars and warfare. This forum is not much different, here I see many great battles fought and fierce warriors standing tall. I will be around to keep reading about all your success stories. There can only be success because the warrior breed always keep fighting and their comrades will always be there to support them!

Thanks once again to all, you have made a big difference for us.

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greenbear in reply to Sun_King

Hi Sun_King. Nice to see one more among the many supportive husbands and thanks for this wonderful post. Yes, this community helps you go from despair to hope. Dr. Sumeet is like an angel in our midst clearing all our doubts and fears. You have used two very apt words- warriors and comrades. We are together fighting a war against this disease and as true comrades we rejoice when anyone succeeds and feel sad when someone has a problem and wait to here they are better.

Keep posting whenever you have the time. That itself is a contribution.

Good Luck to you and Roops.

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sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to Sun_King

I am very happy to know rah roops did find this forum of a lot of help. And you have very aptly described warriors here. Each and every one of us has a fighter within us. Circumstances bring out that fighter in us. Every breast cancer patient has something to teach. And mutual help is the best help, which is very much what this forum seeks to encourage. Thank you for your kind words.

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Hi Sun-King - its nice to see you share the feelings & stood by Roops all the time. Also in future take care of her a lot, give the best in all her life - she will never feel any regrets and will stand with more courage. This is the support everybody needs in the life from the family members

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