Suggestions on beauty products to be used during Chemotherapy

Suggestions on beauty products to be used .

Hi im on 2nd cycle of ACT before surgery. Have heard there will be skin changes , nails etc during the course.Could anyone suggest any good organic skin care / cosmetic brands available in the Indian market which is safe to use during treatment.

Or is it okay to apply any good available brand products ???

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  • Wow...No one ever asked this question in the last 16 years...not in UK and not in India.

    Perhaps if I were a patient, I would probably not use these cosmetics whilst on treatment..

    But if cosmesis was really important, one may take a slight risk, seek permission & inform your oncologist and apply cosmetics..which u have already used in past and comfortable with it.

    Perhaps...any one in this forum may wish to share their personal experience...whether u used or did not use cosmetics...during chemotherapy ...may be helpful in future for some one.

    Dr Rohit Malde

  • Dr Rohit im susprised that no one had too many views on this.I definitely donot want Cancer to put me down off my spirits. I believe in dressing up and showing up come what may. Concern was on the good oragnic brand available in India which would not really impact my skin during treatment.

    Also by cosmectics I donot only mean face , eye, lip , nail makeup but also regular skincare lotions/sunscreens which are anyways a must isn't it.

    My oncologists did not have much interesting inputs over the same so im not really convinced to used all OTC products which I have in the past but most loaded with chemicals.

    Helpful insights will be appreciated.

  • Hi Sango, I also had dry skin problems in hands and feet during chemotherapy. I used Moisturisers from Body shop, argan oil and cocoa butter cream from a brand Kingsley house. These helped my skin to heal.

  • Sure thanks!!!

  • My mother was given Hapus creame by her oncologist.

  • Tnx Deb Roy

  • Wow! I can't believe that you have never heard this question either in the UK or in India! In the US "Look Good, Feel Better" classes are designed for women dealing with cancer treatment and include a make up kit to match your skin tone full of make up products, a coach or two to help you learn how to deal with issues like missing eyebrows and eyelashes, free wigs and advice about scarves, hats, and other head coverings. I think that perhaps women are afraid to bring the subject up with make doctors, but "putting your best foot forward" so to speak can make a huge difference in your attitude when going through chemo and radiation.

    My radiation specialists provided two gels to use on the area radiated to prevent skin problems, and I had none.

    Perhaps some of the woman survivors here can start a similar movement. Self image is very important when dealing with any cancer that changes one's body image.

    My 2 cents from California


  • LGFB Worldwide international

    Look Good Feel Better is the only worldwide cancer support charity. Supporting over 130,000 women and teenagers each year, with the help of over 21,000 volunteers and 600+ organisations. Since 1989, more than 1.8 million patients worldwide have received our unique and unparalleled support through their cancer treatment.

    Look Good Feel Better's services are currently available in 26 countries worldwide:
















    New Zealand




    South Africa




    United Kingdom



    Perhaps someone needs to take an initiative and get INDIA entry into LGFB move, if there is a need and demand here.

  • Pat this is amazing!! Tnx a lot. Been able to relate a lot in keeping up the image issues while undergoing treatment. . Felt positive after seing your reply :)

  • Pat this is amazing!! Tnx a lot. Been able to relate a lot in keeping up the image issues while undergoing treatment. . Felt positive after seing your reply :)

  • Although I don;t have any answer to your query..

    hats off to your spirit @Sango...I truly appreciate it and salute you for your positive attitude towards life!

  • :)

  • Sango nice - keep the spirit up - this will definitely help u.

  • :)

  • Hi All,

    Tnx for all the replies . Infact after doing some searching have found a few links to the essentials during Chemotherapy. In India brands like Fab India , Patanjali could be given a try.

    @ Roxboxfox the demand for the same does exist in India too however we donot have such support systems like LGFB. For me personally at this age, 30 its is if utmost importance . Most older ladies i've met during my oncologist visits too have the same issue but clearly have no support system.

    Like you mentioned someone needs to take an initiative and get INDIA entry into LGFB move, let me know how this could be a possibility in India.

    Cheers !!


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