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Current price for Trastuzumab, 2016 (Herceptin, Herclon etc.)

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Hi all,

Hope you are well.

I wanted to know the current prices for the following products:




I currently got price for Herclon which we are interested as 55K iNR in Chennai but from the posts here, I understand the price was also the same in 2014!

Is there any best place I can source these in Chennai at a reasonable price?

Please advise.

Kind regards, 


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i am taking Hertaz, mylon company,biosimiliar, for 45000.If v buy 4 vial then 1 vial free

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Ashish31 in reply to TUTUROSHAN

1 vial is 45k ? Is this true ..or 4 vial in 45k. Plz help

My mom is also HER2 positive, we are planning to give her trastuzumab mfg by biocon i can provide u the contact no dey can make it in 43k for each 440mg vial, after 3 doses one is free..

Hi Ricky...we are searching for herclon...can u give me the contact mom under breast cancer treatment

Does anyone have the contact details of a supplier in Mumbai, New Delhi or Chennai for Herceptin, Herclon, Biceltis or CanMab please?

please help me out ! even im looking for cheaper alternatives!

Its available for as less as 38000 Rs for Biocon Canmab in bangalore. After 3 vials, the 4th one is free.

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Laloshka in reply to jack_i08

Hello am from syria and my mother has a breast cancer recurrence..Herceptin is not available here and i have been told that it is the best if we can provide it from India..

will u plz help me with the possibility of purchasing the medicine and getting it to Syria

Thanks in advance

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hansgobin in reply to Laloshka


Did you get any details that you requested. My mum is in a similar situation and i want to buy from India for Mauritius.

Hi Ricky...we are searching for herclon...can u give me the contact mom under breast cancer treatment

Distributor for hertraz in 30 k approx.... Also they can provide all onco medicine

IndiaMART:Suppliers for Hertraz Injection

Jainam Pharmaceuticals, Nagpur

Sandeep Rathore


Mahadev Life Sciences, Nagpur



Cell Cure Pharmaceuticals LLP, Mumbai

Jayprakash Gupta


Blueberry Pharmaceuticals, Chennai

Suseendran Sr


Alchem Chemical Pharmaceutical, Kanpur

Nimrat Kaur


A. V. International, New Delhi

Aneesh Gaur


Dis Chem Pharmacies, Aurangabad

Solanki Amarsinh Bogha Bhai


I queried on India mart for same.


Can anyone please let me know if canmab is better option or one should go for herceptin only in case of Her2 positive breast cancer.Also please let me know the cost

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