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wife diagnosed with breast cancer initial stage

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I am based in mumbai and was fortunate to find this forum. I would like the right treatment for my wife as she is still in the early stage.There is a 1.1 cm size of tumor. She is 34 years and we have a 2 year old son.

Can I get recommendation as to whom to consult in Mumbai and which hospital is best equipped to handle the case from start to finish.

The news is so overwhelming that at-least if the right doctor and hospital is identified some of the pain can be reduced and hope for a corrective treatment.

Hoping a response at the earliest.Thanks and well being for all.

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I can understand your situation. For your question, I can suggest that you select a doctor preferably not far to travel to. There are many good centres for treatment, practically each and every suburb of Mumbai has one. Also, you must ensure treatment is done only and only by an Oncologist. Lot of general surgeons in Mumbai dabble into breast cancer cases and make incorrect decisions. So the best thing is, find out a few surgical oncologists in your area and meet one of them, understand the treatment and start it. You can go to Tata Memorial centre as well. It is one of the best centres.

Thankyou Dr. Shah. i will plan for TMH and I will plan to visit you tomorrow. I am based in Borivali.

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Also, to add, whoever you meet, please ask about BCS (breast conserving surgery). There are still quite a few oncosurgeons around, who convince their patients to undergo mastectomy without even giving an option for BCS, because mastectomy is very easy compared to BCS and they are not comfortable doing a BCS. So please make sure to ask about a BCS.

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Hi alliswell - As your nick name definately - ALL WILL BE WELL. As Doctor has informed pl see to do the treatment from an ONCOLOGIST ONLY. Initally when my sister was detected we were not aware - she was operated 2 times by the local surgeon and again third time she was operated by the Oncologists. 3 surgeries within 2 months was were tough time for us.

The treatment is generally of 4 stages - Surgery, chemo, radiaton and then hormone therapy (means a tablet daily) for 5 years. Hormone therapy - This will depend on the Pathalogy report.

The only thing we can tell you is to remain strong, be positive, take utmost care and do the best for her. Take care and keep posted

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Dear, sorry to know about your wife but there is one good thing, its in early stage so it will be cured with little hurdle...and rest of the things is already explained by Dr. so nothing to worry just follow his instruction...God bless both of you..

Dr.Advani at Raheja Hospital is good.(Please get Biopsy done at place other than Raheja as they dont give you the slide.They can not trace later on if you want it.Dr.Nadkarni at Kokilaben hospital is very good.If not for this two,go to another reputed Oncologist.

I would suggest if u are in Mumbai go to Dr Sumeet. :) He is the best doc the best person. Best wishes


One thing I wish to mention is that the treatment should not be delayed at all. I am speaking from my own experience.

All the best .


One thing I wish to mention is that the treatment should not be delayed at all. I am speaking from my own experience.

All the best .

Very sorry to hear about your wife but it is early stage and prognosis should be good. However, if your wife is breast feeding your little boy pl be sure the histopathology has been done at a good lab before proceeding further. I have a friend who had mastitis misdiagnosed as BC. You are at Borivili in Mumbai so you have the option of Dr. Sumeet Shah as well as roxboxfox, a radiation oncologist at Nanavati Hospital also on this forum and very knowledgeable. TMH is very far and there are long queues and this could be irksome at times. Chemo treatments at this stage are pretty standardised so most importantly you should have a good oncosurgeon who can do a good BCS and get a clear margin the first instance.Yes, the news leaves you devastated and confused, but things will fall in place gradually. Best Wishes and take care.

A setback where the news is concerned but u are lucky yo be in the land where Dr Sumit resides...i dont see anyone better than him...a compassionate knowledgable doctor...what we all need...take care and All will indeed be well


Thank you everybody for your responses. It will help me decide better.


Very sorry to hear about your wife. I don't live in India. So I don't have lots of feedback about hospitals. Other members have given you very valuable feedback. Once she has started the treatment, please keep updating us in this forum. You will get lots of suggestions and support to cope with the treatment. As a caregiver you will be overwhelmed as well. Please take care of yourself and be strong for your wife and child.

My cancer was early detection as well. I am still going through my radiation. Chemo was finished in October. The treatment is not bed of roses, but certainly manageable.

With Prayers


I can understand how you must be feeling, the news is indeed overwhelming, especially if you were medically illiterate like me. I went through the same cycle when my wife was diagnosed with early stages of cancer in February this year. Her Surgery, Chemo and Radio therapy regimens went well and she is returning back to normalcy at a fantastic rate. There is no reason why it shouldn't be even better for you.

You are taking the proper steps in your search for a right doctor and the right hospitals, these matter a lot. And the next good thing is joining this forum, this place is always a rich source of useful information handed over by those who know and those who really care.

Be positive all the way. As PK53 hinted, it is not a rosy path, but definitely manageable. This is the time to give her all your love, care and support. Wishing you all the best, all will be well sooner than you think.

Key words: Oncologists, BCS, Nourishment, Love, Positive

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sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to Sun_King

Sun_King, your words are indeed motivating for anyone undergoing the journey of cancer and do show hope at the end of the tunnel. Thanks.

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Hi SunKing - really the words are motivating for all of us.

Hi Alliswell - definitely everything will be fine very soon

Some positive updates. Got the surgery done at Tata Memorial in Mumbai. She is doing fine and has came home today. The cancer was localised and had not spread to the lymph nodes. So quite positive news. Will get the final course of treatment in the next 10 days. Fingers crossed till then. The early detection has helped a lot.

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Gwsr in reply to alliswell_2014

alliswell_2014 Please update regarding your wife status. Hope she is doing well.

My wife just got diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and like to know more.

I stay in Kandivali east

That's good alliswell! All the best for her speedy recovery. Keep updating with her progress. :)

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Hi alliswell. Good to know the cancer it at the initial stage. Take care and keep sharing - we are all with you in this tough time

That's good news. TMH is the pioneer in cancer treatment and their treatment plans and pathology reports most reliable. Because of the distance please keep handy contact details of doctors who should be contacted in case of need. You may need this during chemo. Take care. Hope she has a fairly comfortable journey through treatment. All the best.

My wife is also a breast cancer survivor. It is good in your wife's case that it has been detected in the first stage itself. I don't think there would be anything to worry since now medications for 1st stage treatment are very effective but don't, I repeat, don't delay treatment even by a day. I would also suggest Tata Hospital but since the whole of India comes there, there shall be lot of queues. But the oncologists at Tata are one of the best in India.

I have found Dr. Sumeet also helpful here. It would be a good idea to meet him too.

I just read the post about the surgery being done and cancer has not spread to lymph nodes, this is very good news. All's well that ends well.

Good sign follow the instructions of Dr.sumeet

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