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Her2 neu confirmation

Dear all,

My mother had gone undergone surgery for breast cancer. I am giving her block for her2 neu testing at Oncquest laboratories New delhi.

How is oncquest lab ? any reviews....

They are offering two tests--

1. Her2 neu confirmation by FISH and

2. Her 2 neu confirmation by quantitative PCR.

As already advised to me via this wonderful website, I am giving Her2 neu confirmation test by FISH.

I just want to know more about her 2 neu status confirmation by quantitave PCR; If anyone can shed more light on it. Will it be better than FISH ?

What other tests can I ask the lab to do for better judgement of tumor ?

I already have IHC results for ER/PR/HER2-neu

Thank you.

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Go ahead with FISH, it's fine. It's a standardised test and will confirm whether HER2 is positive or not.

No other tests need to be done.

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Thank you sumeet sir for your suggestions.... sir there is company called dabur oncquest in Delhi where I m thinking to send the block for this test.... is it good ? Or should I send the block to some other place like TMH bombay or any other place.... any place in India or abroad is welcome where I can get perfect results....


Other than the diagnostic centres mentioned above there is also a company called quest diagnostics. It's a USA based company with one of its offices in India. ..? Should I send the sample to this company at its Indian branch ?


I can understand all your apprehensions and questions. I personally feel you must discuss this with your Oncologist. We are based in Mumbai and we would not be in touch with labs in Delhi to comment much on their quality. Sit with your oncologist and ask him all these questions. He would be the best person to guide you.


Thank you very much sumeet sir.... n I wish u and your family a very happy and prosperous deepawali.....


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