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Cancer in the family.

Hi all as far as I am considered I am sailing in the same boat. And fighting cancer is absolutely very devastating. All I want to say here is no matter whichever place we have all here from. Cancer is something that has united us. Breast cancer treatment is one of the most expensive. Can we raise funds on this very forum and reach out to all who are in such misery and eventually can even help each other overcome the disease better. We can all volunteer. Let us please believe in complete cure no mater what the stage is and just strive for a better and a beautiful living full of dreams, hopes and happiness with our loved ones. We can not just afford to loose it all to cancer!


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Yes, this can be a great initiative. My mother's treatment can not progress just because of shortage of funds.


It's complicated and complex.

It needs official Registration as charity...lot of money needs to be spent on accounts , manager and returns have to be filed..

You also need office bearers and registered address.

and collecting a few hundred or thousand will not influence treatments.

Herceptin cost is 12-14 lakhs..per patient.

Benefiting just one patient.

It's a novel thought but not very practical and a but complex to run..

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I fully agree with Dr. Rohit. I have been running an NGO since five years and I know how difficult it is. Your idea is definitively very good, no doubt, but the country you stay in, is a bit difficult to handle.

Besides, the practical part is, those, who are on this forum, are very likely to afford to pay at least a part of treatment expense, if not whole. There are hundreds of patients outside Tata Memorial, and elsewhere, who can't even afford basic investigations.

Since you are passionate about helping, which I sincerely appreciate, I suggest you can join an NGO in your area and pass on any proceeds there.

Also, a user zahid, above, has requested for help. Recently, there was one more thread which requested for some financial assistance:

What you could do is, probably get in touch with them and see how you can financially help them. Will definitely make a difference to them.


hello Im from the Philippines, my wife needs Herceptin treatment. How much to buy in India for 14 treatments


It will be difficult for you to import from India. Better you see from Philippines only


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