Seeking advise on Best Oncologists in North India for mom's treatment

My mother has been detected with Brest Cancer a couple of days ago, I am still awaiting the detailed test results to understand the extent and stage of cancer. The reports are due next week Wednesday.

Can someone please suggest the best Oncologists in North India, if there are any in Punjab that would be preferred but I can take mom to any other place too where she can get best treatment.

Please advise.

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  • Hi Mandeep - very sorry to hear that your Mother has detected with Cancer. How old is she? How is her general health. Do share the reports once you receive so that you will receive a moral support from this forum.

    One more thing - not to worry at all - we have to be brave and fight - Do stand with your Mother at all the times to come - see that she should not be tensed. We all have gone thro the same situation. Regarding the hospital in Punjab - let see if any member can suggest

  • Thank you for support and advice Kontak, I really appreciate it. Mom is 63, her general health is good, she has had no problems otherwise. While I am keen on getting the best possible treatment I am not overly tensed as I know that does not solve anything. :) We will fight it out

  • Dear mandeep, sorry to hear about ur mother...sorrow and happiness is part of life, we have all gone through this situation, we can understand ur pain...dear pgi chandigarh is really good hospital but its like a government hospital and for everything have to wait there..north india there is not much hospital for cancer treatment....but rajeev gandhi and dharamshilla is the best cancer hospital...but u dont need a best cancer hospital...u need a best oncologist, as I know dr. Meenu walia is really good medical oncologist; she practicing in max hospital delhi...she is really good dr. She will answer all ur query...never suggested un-necessary test...but no worries all will be fine, have a faith in strong

  • HI Manish, thank you for your support and advice. While yes I am feeling bad...but I and mom and out family I have faith that we will get through it, I am not overly tensed as I know that does not solve anything. :) We will fight it out

  • Hello Mandeep, sorry to hear about your mom. I do not know about Punjab But one of the best doctors in Asia is Dr. Vinod Raina at Fortis Gurgaon. Rajiv Gandhi has a lot of very good oncologists too. Wish your mom a fast and speedy recovery,with positive attitude.

  • Thank you rgci for your wishes and faith (sorry couldn't get your name). We all need it. Thank you once again

  • Mandeep sorry to hear about your mother. About hospitals, there are so many hospitals in Delhi, Max Apollo,RGCI ,AIIMS, Dharmshila etc. I can't say which one is best but it depends on your faith on doctors and off course on the treatment cost. I got treatment at RGCI and for me they are the best doctors. :).

    Wishing her a speedy recovery.

    Keep posting her progress.


  • Hey Rana, thank you. I have been doing a lot of search online last couple of days and have read a lot of very good things about RGCI too. Sorry to revisit that phase of your life but did you underwent surgery and have there been any after effects? how many its has been since you underwent the treatment?

  • Yes, Mandeep. I had a 4.6 cm tumour but no node involvement, had a very fine lumpectomy. I underwent treatment of surgery, chemo and radiation. Completed my treatment on last December so its been almost 8 months now. I am ER PR positive so now on tamoxifen,

    RGCI is good but sometimes its overcrowded, and I can't say much about the hospital and treatment cost but the only thing I feel blessed about are my doctors there. Dr kapil was my surgical onco. In case you need any further help you could take my number, I live in Delhi.

    Dr Sumeet is also a very good surgical onco, he is always here for us to guide.


  • Helo Mandeep

    I am very sorry to hear about your mom. But you sound confident . Be there for her . She will get through this. I myself got diagonosed with breast cancer in May 2014 but very early detection and gone through two surgeries ( lumpectomies and lymph node excision) and recovered from surgery faster than I thought I would and resumed to my work within two weeks in between my surgeries . Now I have started my chemo treatment and had my first infusion on August 20 th. it is a journey. People in this forum are so helpful, good listeners and will provide you moral support that we all need as a patient and as a caregiver.

    However I live canada and do not know much about doctors and hospital in India. Other members can help you out with that one

    Your mom will be in my prayers. Stay strong



  • Congratulations PK....Happy to hear that you are getting better, and Thank you for writing back. This forum is a wonderful support, I have felt it within a day of being here...Thank you everyone. I will convey everyone's regards to mom.

  • Dr Nitesh Rohtagi - MAx Hospital , Saket New Delhi . My wife is undergoing treatment with him for the last two years

  • what was the stage and extent of breast cancer for your wife? could you pls share some details and mail me directly, Thanks

  • sure , we can connect on phone/whatsapp as well +919818991091

  • Sorry to hear about your mother Mandeep.

    I myself detected with breast cancer and going through treatment at present. But I live in Mumbai so dont know of any doctors in North India.

    Take your mother to a good onco and support and take care of her and I am sure she will be fine.

  • Thank you for your wishes greenbear, I hope you get well soon too. Would it be ok with you if you can share some personal experiences of treatment with me on my gmail id? my id is

  • Mandeep,

    First let us wait for your mother's report, then you can ask me anything you want on this forum itself or I will mail you on the above id.

    Treatment course is more or less same for everyone.

  • Dear Mandeep, Sorry to interrupt you but i would like to request you...share all the information over the Forum only..otherwise what is the use of such a nice forum....and other can be benefited from the information available on the forum...but if something...which u feel can not be asked in open forum u can send personal message via forum itself....this is just humble request...kindly take it positively. Be brave, Keep Positive Energy, all will be Fine!!

  • Manish, we are still awaiting details results on wednesday to understand stage and extent of the spread, only then can I take a call whether I want to share the results in open forum or not. Thank you for your support and positive vibes...this is a wonderful support group and I can't thank you all enough

  • Mandeep Most welcome, we support you in all situation as u feel comfortable...right now is the most important thing, u should be calm and comfortable...thanks for understanding!!!

  • Manish has rightly said - better you share on this forum - there is no such hide and seek in any case. We all are here to support each other. You will find so many members opening up with all the issues. You can share whatever you want. But better on the open forum only

  • Mandeep - the treatement is the same for major of all the patients. 1st is surgery, then chemo or in some cases first chemo is given and then surgery and again chemo. After that 5 weeks radiation. Radiation depends if it is lump removed or the whole breast is removed. Then the tablets daily one or 2 are prescribed for 5 to 10 years.

  • Thank you Kontak

  • Mom has been diagnosed with HER2, Grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma, there would be some more scans and tests over next week...

  • I also had been detected with HER2, Grade2 invasive ductal carcinoma.

    Dont worry. Now variety of drugs are available which will be useful in her treatment and she will do just fine.

  • Thanks greenbear, mom-dad reached India yesterday (they were visiting my brother in UK, and its thr that mom's breast cancer was detected)...will start visiting Oncologists this week...

  • Don't worry Mandeep. She is going to be alright soon. Though it will take time and patience.

    Breast cancer is among st the most common cancer and the good thing is we have a plenty of treatment available for it.

    Keep sharing her progress, we all are here for you.

  • Thanks Rana and everyone for your support and guidence. Will keep you all posted on the progress

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