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Tripal negative breast cancer (everolinus) urgent

Hi in connection to my previous post

My mother was diagnosed tripal negative breast cancer she had gone through 8 chemo and 25 radio

After pet and MRI scans there was few cell that traveled to brain for wich again 10 cycle of radio happened. Now doctor is suggesting to have everolinus is it recommend for tripal negative patients

Also what's the solution as most of the doctors says that if has traveled to brain we cannot perform surgery keeping age factor in mind plz help and suggest what to do

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Dear Sunny,

When a cancer travels from the organ of origin to any other organ in the body (to brain, in your mother's case), it is usually by the route of blood stream. And this is considered as Stage 4 cancer. In treatment of cancer, it is not what we see that we are worried of. It is what we cant see. On CT Scan, there must be some findings showing some tumours in brain or so for which the radiation was given. We see these tumours because they have grown beyond 5 mm. On CT or PET, we cannot catch something less than 3 to 5 mm. The presence of these tumours means, there could be others as well, which we are not yet able to see. Hence, surgery has no role here. Removing one tumour, will not stop many others from coming up.

Chemotherapy or Targeted Therapy is the right way forward. Everolimus is a newer agent tried in these situations. Your Medical Oncologist is the best person to guide you further in this. I suggest you continue with the treatment and let's keep fingers crossed for your mother.


Dear Sunny, sorry to know about your mom...but Everolimus is the best possible option for your mother...hope for the best outcome.




To the best of my knowledge, Everolimus has the following licensed indication:

1.As 2nd line treatment for advanced renal cell carcinoma

2.Advanced pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours

3.In combination with exemestane, for advanced and/or metastatic hormone receptor positive, Her2-ve Breast cancer

4.Subependymal giant cell astrocytoma (SEGA) is association with Tuberous sclerosis complex

5.Renal angiomyolipoma associated with TSC who do not require immediate surgery.

I am not aware of its license in triple receptor negative disease, and would be glad to review any such recent data if available.


Dear Sunny,

As far as Dr. Shah has explained the concept of spreading (Metastasis) from one origin of primary tumour to other parts of the organs via blood is absolutely right and undetectable in PET scans. Even my aunt has got the metastatic condition where she has undergone the Circulating tumour cells (CTC) test to know the CTC count in her blood as a prognostic factor. Please consult your Doctor regarding these tests.

God Bless your Mother.



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