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alternative medicine for cancer suriviors

My treatment comprising of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation has come to an end. Now i have to take harmone therapy tablet fempro for the next 5 years. Meanwhile, many people have suggested there is an ayurvedic treatment which is meant for post treatment period. Is it a good idea? If yes, who would be the best to approach? did anyone undergo this alternative kind of treatment?

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I think the main question would be whether this treatment would interfere with what you have done and are doing now or what other possible downsides there might be. I think only a good oncologist who is also familiar with ayurvedic treatment would be able to properly answer those questions. I would be very careful about any kind of supplement without working with a doctor. Many people in my leukemia groups get involved with supplements and end up in trouble because they affect their blood counts, liver, or kidneys negatively. I don't take anything over the counter without checking with all of my doctors first.


Hi napra - good question - my sister has been advised Hormone therapy - Novladex for 5 years with calcium tablets. Apart from this no other medicine. Lets see what doctor advice us


Hi napra

i m also having a thaught over it but want advise from some expert. May dr.sumeet can help us what should be taken or not


I have seen the results of long term alternate therapy myself (while I was in Tata), and honestly, I do not support it. However, I leave it up to you, it is your choice.

Alternate Medicine chaps try to sell off their products by saying it boosts immunity and such. Till date, there is no pill that will boost immunity, be it alternate medicine, be it modern medicine. A boost in immunity needs healthy and balanced food, good sleep, daily fruits (whichever you want, but eat one fruit daily), and a regular routine; and most importantly, not having a long term depression. What I mean by this last statement is, we need to be happy. But of course, all of us have our own problems and we may not be happy and smiling all the time. But whatever our problems are, we must try to get over them. Long term depression has been shown to reduce immunity.

So napra, a beautiful life is all our there. Take Fempro regularly, and just eat, sleep, work and lead a good healthy life.


dr. yeshi dhonden ayervedic treatment ... google u will see all about it


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