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Second diagnosis

I was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time. Just before Christmas.

First diagnosis in 2009 - Left mastectomy and Tamoxifen. No chemo or radiotherapy. Diep flap reconstruction in 2014.

Think I went into shock. Due for lumpectomy 31st Jan. First hospital appt - did not gel with the doc and I was a wreck until seeing the consultant yesterday. At the moment it's radiotherapy and drug therapy as it's oestrogen receptive.

Anyone else out there who's had similar pkease?

I have just realised how stressed and emotional I have been since diagnosed on 21st December.


Liz x

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Liz, my heart goes out you. I'm just beginning my journey.

Sorry you didn't gel with doc, how are you with breast nurse?

Have you been offered some kind of talking therapy? It may help☺


Breast nurse has been great so far thanks. Seen a different doc now and feel more confident and reassured thankfully.

Thank you so much for your reply.

I must ask about counselling.

Thank you.

Liz x


Hi sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I was diagnosed in 2015 as was my cousins wife, she sadly like you has just been diagnosed again with it, same side, she had mastectomy before, and no nodes were involved, they checked sentinel node last time which was clear then was on letrozole since then, sadly last December she felt a lump under her arm, and that has been confirmed with BC , so her nodes are affected not all of them but over half, she is now waiting to see what treatment is next.

I think talking to someone trained will help you get your head around this.

Good luck xx


Thank you Debs1962 x

I hope you and your cousin's wife are both ok.

The sayings are so true. Life is short. And we just don't know what's round the corner.

I intend to live life to the full in which ever way I choose. I will get enjoyment from as much as I can.

Thinking of you both and sending prayers and positive thoughts and lots of love x

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Dear Roxanne

I am sad to hear that the BC has recurred. It must have been a very difficult time for you over the last few weeks. I wish you the very best with your surgery. I had a lumpectomy 6 months ago, it was an awful worry but the results are brilliant. I have never had a mastectomy but the lumpectomy seems to be so much easier. I hope you find it less traumatic than your previous op. Good luck. Sending you hugs and lots of positive thoughts. Caroline xxxx


Sorry - I was trying to reply to squeeze box. I sometimes get confused with the order posts are presented!. Hugs to Roxanne and Squeeze box. xxxx


Thank you Caroline Xx


Thank you Caroline x love and hugs back to you x 😘


Hi Liz, hope you are doing ok. I have had a similar experience although not quite the same

In 2008 I was diagnosed with DCIS and had a lumpectomy followed by radio therapy. I was waiting for the year 5 mamogram results when cancer was found again in the same breast. This time more aggressive, a larger area, higher grade. In Feb 2014 I had a mastectomy and am still on Tamoxifen. No one can tell me if the two cancers were related or I was just unfortunate. It is a dreadful shock to have the diagnosis twice and my heart goes out to you. However, you got through it the first time and will do again. Second time round you know more, ask better questions, perhaps have less fear of the treatment too.

On a positive note I have just come home to a letter giving me the all clear for year four. I am fitter, healthier and happier than ever before. I wish the same for you. Xxx


Anne and Liz. Can I join the club please ? I had (R)breast cancer in 2001 and had a mastectomy ...no nodes..followed by Tamoxifen. All pretty straight forward .

Fast forward to December 2017 and I have been diagnosed with a Her2 cancer ....1 node )so have had a mastectomy,wound infection and seroma. I start Chemo in February..... hopefully.

(Taxol and Herceptin)

I don't know if it's because I'm older (74) but this time I've managed to work myself up to a froth of anxiety and outrage !

I now have no boobs and will shortly have no hair . I feel I am being

dismantled like an old machine.

Good luck to everyone........Onwards and Upwards !


Hi Anne-57 and bones-bones

Thank you for your replies.

Anne57 I am glad you feel healthier than ever before, that is great and very encouraging.

Bones-bones I am so sorry you are having such a horrible time. I hope things start improving for you very soon.

I have had lumpectomy and 1 node removed 2 days ago. I am very fortunate in the fact that my sister is staying with me and I'm going to stay with her in 2 days time. It has helped no end. Detailed results and next lot if treatment in 2 weeks. Just going to recover as best I can in the mean time.

Thank you all for your responses.

Go well everyone. Don't forget to put yourselves first as much as possible. I know that's my biggest problem.

Love to you all.

Liz x


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