Exhausted !!

Hi all, this is my first post even though I have been reading yours and finding them all so helpful, thank you.

I was diagnosed July 2015, lumpectomy x2, Chemo and radiotherapy all completed about a year ago! Tamoxifen for the next 10 years!! I returned to work in August, following a year off, and coped well with the return! But the last month or so, I have been so exhausted, I could sleep at a drop of a hat, and have on occasions nodded of at my desk. To be honest I wasn't expecting to feel like this a year on, is it normal ? Where has all my energy gone?

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  • Hi, Very normal I think Beth, I was diagnosed in June 15 so similar to you, had mastectomy, chemo and radio. I too have bouts of sheer exhaustion, afternoons mostly. I think the chemo and radio take so much out of you and think our bodies are still repairing now. Plus the mental stress is immense. I had surplus energy for a a few months after treatment but think it was the joy of not feeling ill any more, like running on adrenaline. Maybe look at your diet see if you can add any energy boosters? When I feel like that I have a smoothie which perks me up a bit, you could ask your consultant or bcc nurse they may have some tips...

    Sorry can't offer more advice, but definitely empathise xx

  • Thank you for your kind words, and yes it was like running on adrenaline!! Now feels like I've run out of steam!!

    I like smoothies so will try them. And get some advice from bcc and Drs! Xx

  • No worries it really is the gift that keeps on giving isn't it! I try and get the innocent defence ones or the Naked ones as they have the hidden veg etc (don't feel so guilty!) should probably make my own but that takes up far to much energy lol x

  • Hi, sorry to hear it is still so tough, I am only at the beginning of my journey, a mastectomy a week ago, awaiting the rest to start. I bought a nutribullet smoothie maker, haven't used it yet but it seems easy and a great way of getting calories, vitamins and minerals in, I will post when I use it. All the evidence I have read seems to suggest gentle exercise, walking and rest. Wishing you well soon

  • Thanks for the advice have looked at the nutribullet so yes would be good to hear how successful it is x

  • Hi, I was diagnosed and treated at the same times as yourself. I often find in the afternoon that overwhelming tiredness that has to be dealt with by a 10 minute nap. I have tried powering through fairly unsuccessfully, this is not every day but it reminds me of the tiredness I had before diagnosis where only sleep helped

  • I have struggled with fatigue and can share the advice I was given and what has made a difference for me. Firstly, imagine you have an energy tank with a guage just like the petrol guage in your car. Stop and rest before you drop under 1/4 full. If you get to empty you need much more rest to get going again. Dont keep going until a task is finished if you are getting low on energy. Rest and go back to it. Exercise is really important although it sounds counter intuitive. Gentle exercise ( a short walk, yoga routine, swim) helps build energy. Try to make room for exercise you enjoy on a regular basis. Honestly, it works. This alongside a good diet and enough sleep will put you in a better place. Good luck with it all. X

  • I agree Anne, I usually play netball but haven't been able to as had my temp expander replaced in Feb as it had sprung a leak! Have had a skin infection around my scar too annoyingly, so haven't played for over a month, have really noticed a difference to my energy levels, so agree exercise is fab!! Back at it next week though, can't wait!!

  • Thank you all, I will definatly try the nutri bullet and make some energy boosting smoothies!!

    I agree that exercise will help, with the clocks going forward this weekend, it will give me more chance to get out after work!!

    If all else fails I'm going to get some Sanatogen Wine!! Who remembers that??

    Good luck ladies with your journeys, xx😘

  • Hi Beth, I promise you no shares in the company but nutribullet really good and easy, lots of healthy recipes with it but all I have done is blueberries, banana, ice cream and milk, delicious and as I have lost so much weight I think I am allowed the indulgence, very easy to do, best wishes for future verve and energy x

  • Sounds delicious, I'm going to try a few this week xx 😘

  • I too felt exhausted about a month ago, no energy, low motivation, headaches. Did some research and found I could possibly low in magnesium so I bought a liquid form from Holland and Barrett (our bodies dont absorb the tablets/supplements as well), and I've noticed a huge difference, I dont ache like I used to either, I'm on tamoxifen.

  • Hi Cazlav,

    Thanks for the advice, I too have had headaches, put them down to working at computer most of the day,so didn't even think it may all be related, I will try the magnesium supplements and let you know how I get on. I too am on tamoxifen and have aches in my hips and elbows, hopefully I will have some relief for them too!! Xx

  • I take floradix liquid formula as its absorbed by your body more efficiently, hope it works for you too! x

  • Thank you it's on my shopping list for tomorrow! X

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