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Hi everyone I'm new here to in August 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer had mastectomy and long nodes removed November started months of chemotherapy made me very ill then December 2014 it's back I was devastated January 2015 removed lump same place as mastectomy scar then had to have 5 weeks of radiotherapy then July 2015 historectomy then November 2015 another mastectomy phew I was very wore out (still am ) the doctor took me of tamoxifen as didn't do its job put me on letrozole my bones are hurting so bad very tired and itching terrible please is there anyone else suffering with this xx

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Yes I'm on Letrozole & very painful joints, told nurse on checkup & she said you are on the best tablets but if it gets to bad we can change them, so I'm just trying to find the right pain management at the mo, good luck 💞

Thank you for you're reply X

Hi I'm new too and on Letrozole I have little joint pain but not too bad hopefully the pain killers will work or maybe your body will get used to the Letrozole , either way good luck ! X

Sorry to hear about your cancer coming back again, could you please tell me how did you know what were your symptoms, I am on tamoxifen for 12 months now, that's the one thing that frightens me the cancer returning, hope you make a good recovery

Didn't have any signs just found another lump yes it's so worrying X

Thank you for replying please keep positive I know it's hard X

Sorry to hear that and hoping you make a good recovery, big hugs xx

Hi all

Im a soon to be 60 year old who still thinks shes 30! I was diagnosed with breast cancer after my routine mammogram on Sep 25th last year. To say it was a shock is an understatement! Anyway I had a lumpectomy at the end of Oct 15 and they discovered I was only grade 1 so then just required 3 weeks of radiotherapy at The Royal Surrey ' s St Luke's Cancer Centre in Guildford. I just thank god I had the mammogram or I would be sat here still none the wiser as I had no lump or other symptoms. I am on Anastrozole as I didn't want to put on weight as everyone I know piled it on with Tamoxifen. My doctor warned me my joints would hurt but I didn't realise how much! My doctor advised exercise and as I sit at a desk Mon to Fri I decided to go with my husband when he takes our springer spaniel out each morning

I go out for half an hour at 5 am Mon to Fri and Sat and Sun at 6am. I can honestly say I've never felt better and it becomes a routine which I can't give up no matter the weather. So ladies get active and the pain goes.

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Thank you for the advise I will really try to get out walking because I am on tamoxifen and yes I have piled a lot of weight on and my body just seems to ache all the time with the extra weight

Hello I've just had mastectomy and node clearance for recurrent cancer I had wide excision in March 2014 it's such a worry

So sorry to hear your problems I too came off tamoxifen due to painful joints is it me or does everyone seem to be getting too complacent I was fobbed off since October when I found more lumps sorry I work for the NHS but I feel very let down they say now we got it all but they said that last time so it's hard to feel relieved

Hope you get sorted and feel a little better soon xx

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I to feel let down no communication with anyone like as if I been left on my own to get on with it xxx

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