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Sister has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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Hi, I really don’t know where to go so thought I might find some help/support here. I am the eldest of my 2 siblings. 3 years ago we lost my younger brother (23) to lung cancer 3 months after diagnosis. Now we have just found out my younger sister (37) has breast cancer. I’m so scared I’m going to lose her too. She has had mammogram, biopsy and ultrasound where they found 2 more lumps (3 total).I’m distraught and trying to be brave. Mum is in bits and I don’t know what to do to help. We should find out the results soon so can work out what’s next. She has 3 little girls too. Life is so cruel, am I next too? Losing my little brother broke me, I don’t think I can survive if I lose her too.

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I can’t know what you are going through - but I’m a breast cancer survivor having been diagnosed over eight years ago and going strong.

We are really fortunate in this country that we have -

MacMillan - and other charities

And your sister will be allocated a breast cancer nurse.

You or whoever is supporting your sister will be given a really really helpful leaflet by MacMillan which is for the “carers” of the person who has cancer. If she isn’t given it, phone MacMillan straight away.

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Hi Happyrosie, thank you for your reply, it encouraging to hear you’re going strong. I’ve read a few posts on here and they have been largely positive. I think because I lost my brother to cancer, as soon as you hear the word you panic and all logic goes out the window. I’m just so scared I’ll lose her too but I keep reminding myself of stories like yours to keep me from going down that black hole. I’ll have a read through MacMillan too

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I too am a breast cancer survivor. Had 2 tumours in my breast. Had a mastectomy. I was 39 at the time. Now I'm 74. Hope this gives you more hope.

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I am a breast cancer survivor myself, I was 42yr when diagnosed 2018, 5yr later still going strong, your sister is in very good hands , our NHS system is brilliant in the breast cancer department, 🎀 sending ❤️

Hi! I'm in the U.S. and came across your post. I'm so sorry you are experiencing this. My Grandmother, Aunt and sister had breast cancer, and now I have it. I just had surgery and getting ready to start radiation in a few weeks. I know what you are feeling and I know what your sister is going through right now, the waiting is the hardest part. I want you to know it is going to be okay. The medical field has come along way with breast cancer and they are doing amazing things. Your sister will have options and a team to get her through, It is important to stay positive for your sister and stay on a hopeful and healing path. Believe that she will be a Survivor, I do.

Find some joy in today and stay strong, my thoughts are with you.

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I had breast cancer age 39, had a mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemo, I am now 67 years old.

I hope this will give you and your sister some hope and I wish you all good luck and best wishes.

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I feel your loss having lost my sister to breast cancer 12 years ago but seems only like yesterday. It was hard to process, I was the youngest and in June last year I was diagnosed with Breast cancer, no previous family history, new technology out now is amazing and I was reassured by that, currently in recovery following treatment. Waiting to find out results is extremely hard. Stay strong and reach out to Macmillian they are a wonderful services and will offer you advice. I wish your sister all the best in her journey.

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