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Hysterectomy & Tamoxifen

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2012! Had mastectomy on my left breast, 6 chemo and 15 radiotherapy! On tamoxifen since 2013! Last month I had a ultrasound and I have hyperplasia on the endometrio! 15mm! Consultants didn't want to do anything unless I'm bleeding wich make me feel so stressed! I know that this is a side effect of the tamoxifen but I'm scared knowing that I'm on tamoxifen for 3 more years and my endometrio could continue growing!.

Can anyone tell me if this happen to you and if you got hysterectomy?

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You don't mention your age and if you have children already. Don't despair. They will monitor it and, I'm sure that if they see a big change in size, they will operate, and then you'll be put on Anastrozole or Letrozole.


I have one child and I'm 52 years old!


Have you started the menopause yet? I'm glad you have a child already as had you been younger with no children and facing a hysterectomy, that would have been very sad.

Make sure that you're going to be monitored.


I totally understand your fears. I was diagnosed with fibroids and needed to have the womb lining removed in the 6 months before I was diagnosed with bc. Following a lumpectomy I started on tamoxifen and had 15 radio. The irony of having escaped a hysterectomy last year and now may face the possibility of it again is scary. I've been told I need to stay on tamoxifen for 10 years as I haven't started the menopause yet, I'm 53. My GP is brilliant and says she will send me for a scan the moment that any excessive bleeding returns but it's still a scary thing to live with. I'm sorry I can't offer you any positive answers but I do believe in the power of listening to your body and having faith in yourself. My very best wishes to you.


Hi, I had hysterectomy one year after all my diep reconstruction, chemo radio, I was told it was best option as I would be on tamoxephen for next 5 years, I was 46, x


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