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Suspected dvt


Hi all I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. I’ve not wrote on here before but looking for a bit of advice and hopefully reassurance. I’m currently 16 + 4 weeks and today got admitted to hospital with a suspected dvt following a doctors appointment about a swollen calf. I’m so worried but know I’m in the best place. I’ve to get a scan tomorrow hopefully to see if there are any clots present but until then I’ve been started on fragmin injections just incase. These injections are making me anxious I’m so scared something happens to my pregnancy and it’s been a hard journey to get to where I am. Has anyone had any similar problems during pregnancy or had to have blood thinners? Thanks 😊

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Hi hope your ok considering the circumstances! This happened to me on Boxing Day I ended up spending a night in hospital, both of my legs were swollen and breathing was difficult. They originally thought I had a clot in my lungs and when they didn’t find one I had to have an ultrasound on the veins in my legs (make sure you wear knickers) 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 anyway I had to inject myself for a few days at home because I couldn’t have the leg scan straight away, it was into my tummy which made me worried about hitting the baby. Anyway when they show you how to do it you have to pinch a bit of fat so you won’t harm the baby anyway! Although il be honest I HATED the injections they stung so much 😭 but it’s more important to have them then DVT which can be very serious, everything came back fine and I was able to stop the injections the baby is healthy (been kicking me in the ribs all night) 😩 and the stockings they gave me really helped with the swelling in both of my legs so wear them if they give you them! Probably very rambly I’ve just woken up but hope this puts your mind at rest xx

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Thanks so much for your reply it’s made me feel a bit more at ease. I’ve been kept in and started on injections hopefully get my scan today or tomorrow 🤞🏼 if I went home I would of been waiting 2/3 weeks to get my scan do I guess this is the best option. Lol oh and I’m totally with you on the stingy injections ouch 🙈🤣 thanks again and I’m glad everything went well for you. ❤️ xx

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